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zkLink’s Layer 3 Summit Heads To TOKEN2049 Dubai


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After two successful L3 Summits at Devconnect Istanbul in November 2023 and at ETH Denver in March 2024, zkLink is thrilled to announce that it’s bringing the third rendition of its L3 Summit to TOKEN2049 Dubai.

The L3 Summit is a zkLink-initiated in-person event series that educates, amplifies, and shares research about the current status of Layer 3 development. The L3 Summit brings together the world’s best Ethereum scaling solutions and infrastructure protocols such as zkSync, Starknet, Scroll, Linea, Polygon zkEVM, Manta, Mantle, Celestia, EigenLayer, and more, to push forward the boundaries of Layer 3 innovation and break through Ethereum’s scalability and liquidity fragmentation boundaries.

zkLink will host the third L3 Summit at TOKEN2049 Dubai on April 16th, 2024, from 11:00 to 19:00 local time, at the One & Only Royal Mirage Resort at Jumeirah Beach.

Introducing The L3 Summit: Advancing Ethereum With zkLink Nova

Layer 3s are still an emerging concept and not widely known throughout the industry. Moreover, depending on the stakeholder, Layer 3s have multiple definitions. For zkLink, Layer 3s are a third layer constructed on top of Ethereum Layer 2s that aggregate fragmented assets from siloed Ethereum Layer 2s and provide developers and users with a more friendly blockchain environment for deploying EVM-compatible DApps while avoiding the complexities of cross-chain bridging.

zkLink has identified Layer 3s as a crucial necessity and solution for addressing the aforementioned issues of liquidity fragmentation throughout the Ethereum ecosystem and the pain-point for developers and users in navigating a multi-rollup world.

Therefore, to bring greater awareness to the public about this exciting vision for Layer 3s, zkLink conceptualized the idea of the L3 Summit and launched the first event in the Fall of 2023. After two successful events with over 1,000 attendees, the L3 Summit has now become the leading technical forum for exploring innovative Layer 3 blockchain solutions.

However, the L3 Summit doesn’t operate alone as a standalone event — in fact, it amplifies another milestone and industry development i.e., zkLink’s recently launched Layer 3 solution called zkLink Nova, Ethereum’s first aggregated Layer 3 zkEVM Rollup Network.

zkLink Nova aims to improve the Ethereum landscape plagued by fragmented liquidity and a complex DevX and UX. It accomplishes this task by aggregating assets from Ethereum and Ethereum Layer 2 Rollups onto a single Layer 3 platform. In addition, zkLink Nova’s EVM-compatibility provides developers with a simplified DApp deployment environment abundant with liquidity.

The L3 Summit’s purpose is to further cement itself as the go-to forum for advancing Layer 3 usage, development, and application. zkLink believes that through these events, the value proposition surrounding Layer 3s will continue to gain more awareness in the public and attract more debate, leading to better products, solutions, and innovations that push Ethereum and the blockchain industry forward, initiating the next 10x wave of adoption.

The first edition of zkLink’s L3 Summit was held at Devconnect Istanbul in November 2023 — the sequel was held at ETHDenver 2024 — and the trilogy is coming to TOKEN2049 Dubai. It’s time to get ready!

What Projects & Speakers Will Be Present At L3 Summit Dubai?

zkLink’s L3 Summit has already attracted the attention of many industry heavyweights and built a solid reputation among prominent blockchain protocols. Those that will be present at the L3 Summit include Layer 2s such as Linea, Polygon zkEVM, Metis, Scroll, Taiko, and zkSync — and innovative modular blockchain solutions such as Avail, Celestia, EigenLayer, Gelato, and Manta. In addition, LogX, Offchain Labs, Polyhedra, and Pyth will be in attendance in Dubai.

The above names will dispatch their brightest speakers to zkLink’s L3 Summit to debate the nature of Layer 3s and discuss topics related to DeFi, zero-knowledge technology, DApp development on the zkEVM, the future of Ethereum, and more.

In addition, zkLink’s top global media partners will be covering the event, including the likes of CoinTelegraph, Metaverse Post, CoinPost, Blockhead, BSCN, TechFlow, Odaily, and Jinse Finance. These media agencies will amplify the L3 Summit, reaching all four corners of the world.

Without great speakers, renowned industry projects, and prominent media coverage, one cannot hold a successful event. Therefore, zkLink has put together a crypto and blockchain “Dream Team” that will share valuable alpha on their respective panels and keynotes, and the media partners will transmit that alpha to the public. Events like the L3 Summit serve as “leading indicators” for what’s next.

Register to join in on the sandy fun in Dubai!

*We will soon officially announce the final speaker lineup, panel agendas, and keynote topics for the L3 Summit at TOKEN2049 Dubai*

zkLink’s L3 Summit Dubai Sponsor: OKX

Sponsors play a much-needed helping role in hosting a successful event that runs smoothly, is well-attended, and is properly organized for a positive atmosphere. The main sponsor for zkLink’s upcoming L3 Summit in Dubai is OKX, an innovative cryptocurrency exchange with advanced financial services.

Learn More About zkLink’s L3 Summit

For those intrigued by what alpha zkLink is going to unleash at the L3 Summit, and would like to attend the event in person, please go to the L3 Summit Luma page and register. You certainly won’t want to miss out!

To learn more about the upcoming L3 Summit in Dubai as well as zkLink’s previously hosted L3 Summit in Denver, please visit the L3 Summit website and follow zkLink’s dedicated L3 Summit Twitter account.

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