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Zloadr Seeks to Mix Up the Media Scene with its September 30 ICO


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Zloadr is an up and comer in the news media scene, but with a twist. It won’t be going toe-to-toe with media giants like Fox News or CNN. No, Zloadr is a supercharged content platform that runs solely on blockchain technology.

The company’s goal is to create a viral news environment that allows content creators to promote their material while giving viewers and consumers flexibility to decide what they want to pay attention to. Nearly three years after the platform was first created in January 2015, Zloadr is ready for its initial coin offering (ICO), to be held on September 30th.

The new blockchain company has investors excited about its opportunities, especially when there are so many issues with the current mainstream media system.

Fake News and the Need for Change

It should come as no surprise that Americans increasingly dislike their government–though many are in favor of increasing its power and reach, oddly enough. An ongoing Gallup poll reveals that congressional approval is at a mere 16%. This isn’t really news to anyone who has been observing recent Democratic obstructionism and Republican incompetence.

And though Donald Trump pulled off a long shot victory over HIllary Clinton, he is still largely unpopular with the American public. The most recent Gallup poll weekly average has him at 37%.

Another unsurprising fact is that Americans don’t trust their media. According to a May 2017 Harvard Harris poll published by The Hill, 65% percent of voters believe that mainstream media outlets publish fake news. In fact, another study reveals that the most trusted news outlets in America are BBC and The Economist, both British outlets.

The only major news station to crack the top ten is CNN, which comes in at number nine. Undoubtedly the belief that the media consistently publishes fake news and the decreasing trustworthiness of news outlets go hand in hand.

Despite the falling trust of major news networks, for the time being it appears that major outlets are going to continue in their ways. But relatively new startup Zloadr and its blockchain technology are a promising solution for both content creators and news consumers who want a major change.

The Advantages of Zloadr and its Blockchain Platform

Zloadr’s system runs entirely on blockchain technology. It is a proprietary platform which utilizes its own tokens–ZDR tokens–that can be purchased by all other coin types. ZDR tokens can be used by advertisers to purchase advertising and listing services in sections of the platform. Zloadr boldly states that “ads will last longer over a period when purchased using tokens opposed to fiat currency”, which results in increasing demand and therefore increased traffic and profitability.

The system greatly benefits content creators by allowing them to upload and provide the items they choose. The Zloadr platform is capable of handling a wide array of content types–ranging from simple ads to eBooks and eNewspapers.

It also benefits the small content creator who, in the past has had to rely on ghostwriting to get material published, and even that content isn’t published in the writer’s name. With ghostwriting, credit is very rarely given. Zloadr’s blockchain platform gives writers the ability to upload content and monetize it.

In many ways, the platform revolutionizes the way that viral news is communicated–now a small-time creator can publish news in the same way that a major corporation can, and with the same potential for recognition. The platform also gives content creators the ability to set their own prices and manage their own content–an opportunity writing for a major newspaper would never provide.

From the consumer’s perspective, the Zloadr platform gives much greater flexibility than traditional media platforms. With Zloadr’s system, consumers can choose what they want to watch, read, or view, rather than turning on the television and watch whatever the media conglomerates put in front of them.

Consumers can choose to push forward material they deem as important or interesting, as the platform operates on a supply and demand basis where both the content creator and consumer can mutually benefit.

The breadth of Zloadr’s content and the extensive reach of its platform give an almost unlimited number of options to participants. The platform allows consumers to find and digest whatever material they choose, and even encourages them to dig deeper into topics that are otherwise obscure and irrelevant. With the full launch of Zloadr’s platform in November 2017, the current mainstream news system could be in for a huge change.

How to Participate in Zloadr’s ICO

The ease of Zloadr’s platform is matched by the ease of participating in it’s ICO. Interested investors can learn more about the ICO by clicking the link here, while those who want to participate in the pre-ICO and can receive a 75% discount can go here. Zloadr has confirmed that 100,000,000 million tokens will be offered, though the total supply is not locked. Each token is priced at 0.31 USD.

No system is perfect, but those that endure demonstrate their ability to adapt to ever-changing conditions. The problems with current mainstream media outlets are well known. Time will tell whether or not these outlets make the changes necessary to stay successful. But for the meantime, content creators, consumers, and investors alike would do well to take full advantage of everything Zloadr has to offer.


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