Bringing Ripple and XRP to the masses will not be an easy feat by any means. In fact, one could argue this digital asset is not designed to be sued by the everyday person. Thanks to a new Woocommerce Ripple Gateway plugin, that situation may come to change sooner or later. Having an option to quickly process XRP payments through a WordPress site can be quite beneficial, in the long run.

Accepting XRP payments is not all that easy. There is only one major payment processor who embraced RIpple’s asset to date. CoinPayments was the first to introduce XRP payments,a s they support several dozen altcoins these days. However, very few people effectively use this particular service to process RIpple transactions. Whether or not this new WordPress plugin can make a big difference in this regard, remains to be seen.

WordPress Plugin for XRP Payments

More specifically, there is now an official Woocommerce Ripple Gateway plugin. The plugin itself is no longer a third-party solution, as it can downloaded through your WordPress installation directly. That is a big move to make this solution more appealing to retailers. Installing the plugin is quite simple, as it works just like any other plugin for the platform. It is also open source, which means more modifications may be introduced in the future.

So far, the community seems quite excited about this Woocommerce plugin. While not too many people may want to accept XRP payments right now, it’s good to have more options at one’s disposal. So far, the plugin has less than 10 installs. It will be interesting to see whether or not this situation will change moving forward. WordPress is a popular solution for e-commerce purposes, though. This plugin can also be used to accept XRP donations, if needed. It is a positive development for the community as  a whole, though, that much is evident.

The bigger question is whether or not this will affect the XRP price at all. Over the past few days,  we have seen some minor bumps in the right direction. While other currencies are exploding, XRP remains pretty stable or even declines. That is not a fun feeling by any means, but it is to be expected from a digital asset. Ripple’s XRP is subject to speculation, though. This new Woocommerce plugin may slowly turn the ship around, but only time will tell.

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