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Adam Back Wants to Offload his B2X Coins at a 3:1 Ratio


A lot has been said about the SegWit2x hard fork over the past few months. Whether or not this fork will be successful, remains to be seen. The B2X coins will be of great interest to speculators, to say the least. Adam Back is already trying to sell his B2x coins moving forward. More specifically, he is selling them at a 3:1 ratio in exchange for Bitcoin. A bold claim, to say the very least.

It is interesting to see how people perceive SegWit2x. This upcoming hard fork has received a lot of criticism already. Considering how it isn’t live yet, no one knows for sure how things will evolve moving forward. It seems a lot of mining pools are still in favor of this fork right now. Then again, this signal to intent is not official support by any means. It will be an interesting development, to say the very least.

A Bold bet by Adam Back

Adam Back is trying to make an impact in this regard. More specifically, he is looking to offload his B2X coins already. On Twitter, he claims interested parties can buy 3 B2X coins for the price of 1 BTC. People who genuinely believe this is the future of Bitcoin have nothing to lose. Everyone else will have a lot to gain. It remains to be seen which version of Bitcoin will succeed in the end. Adam Back firmly believes SegWit2x is not the way to go. However, he does value the B2X coins at quite a steep value as well.

For now, it remains to be seen if anyone will accept the offer. There are large batches of coins available. This goes to show Adam Back has no love for SegWit2x whatsoever, which isn’t entirely surprising. The rest of the Bitcoin community isn’t too keen on this hard fork either. However, the die-hard supporters will be quite excited about opportunities like these. Rest assured the community will have some different opinions on this matter.

It is possible we will see more of these offers moving forward. Support for SegWit2x seems to be wavering quite a bit already. If the coins become worthless, Adam Back has a lot to gain from getting rid of B2X.That is, assuming someone wants to buy this currency, to begin with. Right now, it seems highly unlikely, though. Cryptocurrency-related bets are always worth keeping an eye on, to say the least.

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