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Ariva World Is Developing a New Cryptocurrency Aimed at Travelers


Ariva World – a company that connects travelers with tourism service firms – is launching its very own digital currency.

Ariva World Is Issuing a Cryptocurrency for Travelers

The company has issued a statement claiming that the old ways of traveling and moving across the globe are no longer working, and executives are seeking a way to ensure customers get the most effective system out there when booking their trips. This new cryptocurrency will reward travelers and is being labeled as the first cryptocurrency fully devoted to tourism.

Known as ARN, the asset is a BEP-20 coin built aboard the Binance smart chain (BSC). All products and services offered through the Ariva system can be paid for with the asset. It can also be used to buy items from firms and companies that have partnered with Ariva in recent weeks. Every time a person uses the asset to book travel arrangements or purchase merchandise, they will be rewarded in additional units.

At the time of writing, the currency has a total supply of roughly 100 billion units, of which only half of that total is presently in circulation. On the company website, readers will see the following explanation regarding the currency and its respective wallet system:

It ensures that users are completely safe when paying with their wallets, and users do not have to worry about losing their bank cards or credit card fraud as Ariva eliminates the need to carry a card around in a foreign place.

In a statement, the enterprise has described its blockchain system as such:

The blockchain is structured in a way that payments are carried out similarly to existing POS and credit card transactions, but since this all happens on a blockchain and a QR code, users can buy anywhere, anytime using their tokens without worrying about carrying fiat currency around.

The company does not enforce any limitations on transactions. Customers are free to use the currency for as many purchases as they desire on their trips. Ariva says:

It provides immense benefits and eliminates the need for travelers to use traditional credit cards that expose travelers’ details to third-party companies.

The asset is quite new, and yet it is already attracting crypto fans across the globe. Roughly 21,000 people have purchased the asset, and it is currently listed on 11 separate crypto exchanges.

This Is a Growing Trend

The bond between travel and crypto use appears to be growing. Last September, Port Aventura became the latest travel-related company to say “yes” to crypto payments. The firm was in the process of developing its own software system that would allow customers to pay for rooms and other vacation expenses with digital currencies.

The software is set to be released sometime next year and will be installed in every hotel owned or hosted by Port Aventura.


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