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Bitcoin Cash Will get Privacy Features Thanks to Cash Shuffle Protocol


It is safe to say Bitcoin Cash is a fresh wind of development in the Bitcoin world. Whereas the main currency is at a proverbial standstill, BCH is getting some interesting new tools to play with. Cash Shuffle is perhaps the most interesting development in this regard. All major cryptocurrencies lack serious privacy-oriented features, with the exception of Dash and Monero. That is coming to change very soon as far as BCH is concerned.

The past few weeks have been pretty interesting for Bitcoin Cash supporters. The BCH value is holding its own, new features are being brought to market in quick succession. Adding privacy features to a cryptocurrency lacking such traits is not easy. It may always be considered a half-assed attempt to do so, in the end. Privacy needs to be built into the core protocol of a currency from day one. Unfortunately, Bitcoin Cash doesn’t have such features whatsoever.

Cash Shuffle is an Interesting Concept

Whether or not Cash Shuffle will make a meaningful impact, remains to be seen. It is a pretty interesting concept, although shuffling protocols are not the most privacy-centric solution. This is not a standard mixing service, mind you, as there are no fees or counterparty risks in this regard. Cash Shuffle is open source and its code can be found on GitHub. That is a pretty smart decision by the developers, to say the least. Being able to review the code without issues will instill some trust from day one.

It is pretty interesting to see how Bitcoin Cash is evolving. While Bitcoin wants to implement privacy at some point, it remains to be seen how they will go about it. Moreover, using a modified Coin Shuffle version helps obfuscate coins’ origin and destination. However, it still pales in comparison to proper privacy and anonymity solutions such as what we find in Monero. Still, it is a pretty interesting solution and the community has high hopes for Cash Shuffle in this regard.

The big question is whether or not a lot of people will use this solution. Third-party code is always a bit iffy when it comes to sending and receiving money. While anyone can review the code, it is still a proprietary solution. Perhaps the BCH developers will implement this new protocol into the main protocol in the future. Additionally, BCH wallets should look into enabling this functionality as well. An interesting future lies ahead for Bitcoin Cash, that much is evident.

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