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Bitcoin Gold Still Lacks Two-way Replay Protection Three Days Before the Fork


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Hard forks will continue to dominate Bitcoin-related chatter for quite some time to come. First of all, we have Bitcoin Gold to contend with in the next week or so. More specifically, the developers are still hard at work to implement mandatory features.There is still no two-way replay protection as of right now. Despite a 300 BTG bounty, it seems developing such a solution is far more difficult than assumed.

Three days ago, a Bitcoin Gold issue was opened on GitHub. In this topic, we see a bounty for mandatory two-way replay protection. Without such a feature, people can effectively lose money when sending and receiving BTG. It is not something any wants to deal with, for obvious reasons. Solving this issue has proven to be quite challenging. There are just over 48 hours until the “fork”: happens, though.

Still no BTG Two-way Replay Protection

Most exchanges will not support BTG without this protection either. It is unclear why it wasn’t implemented from day one. Then again, very little is known about the development of this altcoin right now. There are a lot of issues that need to be addressed, by the look of things. Even a 300 BTG bounty isn’t helping much to speed this issue up whatsoever. There is only one developer working on two-way replay protection right now, which is unacceptable.

Moreover, there is the question regarding previous announcements as well. Previous statements indicate this protection has been under development for over two weeks. It seems that information is highly inaccurate as well, which doesn’t bode well for the project. Conflicting information has been pretty common when it comes to Bitcoin Gold. For now, there is no indication we will see two-way replay protection for BTG in time.

The choice to pay the bounty in BTG is also pretty interesting. One can’t pay in BTG before the currency is created. This means the protection needs to be written and implemented before it is paid out. A rather dubious way to go about things, to say the least. There will be a premine, as most people are well aware of. However, the coins cannot be premined until the network goes live. Being paid “in good faith” for developing a critical BTG feature doesn’t sound all that appealing.

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