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BitcoinGame.me Announces Launch in Early 2017 with New Fun Games


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Bitcoin Games have never been better. BitcoinGame.me is set to launch in early 2017. It will incorporate provably fair Bitcoin play with all forms of games. The team looks to improve the current gaming market by introducing new, fun games to the industry. Meanwhile, it will retain many of the great features of its predecessors like chat rooms and fairness. We hope to see you there!

A Bitcoin Game that is Fair

It’s very important to ensure that the systems remain fair to all users. With Bitcoin Game’s system, all play can be verified. People trust websites that are transparent, and Bitcoin Game is no exception. Everyone wants a secure, popular, and fun website to hang out on.

Making Bitcoin Gaming fun

People love to gamble. That’s why it’s important for Bitcoin gambling to be fun! The website’s amazing chat room will excite users and keep everyone social. Players can show off their big wins in the room. They can even discuss various Bitcoin game strategies.

Bitcoin Dice is a classic Bitcoin Game enjoyed by everyone.
Bitcoin Dice is a classic game enjoyed by everyone. A random number is generated on each roll.

The website’s aim is to introduce value for all cryptocurrency users. Even if you don’t want to risk any BTC, you can still play the games and earn money! A Bitcoin faucet will help new users get comfortable with the game, and even allow people to go from zero to hero. Generally, Bitcoin faucet games pay little to none, but there is always hope for someone to prove everyone wrong. Who knows, you might win big just from the faucet Bitcoin game!

Mobile Bitcoin Gaming and the Growing Cryptocurrency Market

Players are switching from their local traditional casinos to online mobile Bitcoin websites.
Players are switching from their local traditional casinos to online mobile Bitcoin websites.

Heading to the local casino takes too much time. Less and less people are visiting casinos who take huge fees at tables upwards of 5%. They aren’t even provably fair. There’s no transparency in traditional casinos. Players are moving to mobile forms of gaming on their computer or phone. Take Bitcoin Billionaire, which has become popular with everyday users. It boasts over 200k users for a mobile, free game! Imagine the possibilities of online mobile Bitcoin games in the future.

Bitcoin Gambling Wallet Security

Website security is very important. Regular updates are essential to keeping a site secure over the long term. After all, software updates contain security fixes, as well as new features. The website will work by utilizing cold wallet storage. The majority of the coins will be secured offline. A small percentage will be in the hot wallet for convenience. This way, withdrawals are instant for users. The Best Bitcoin wallet will be extremely secure on the site. Along with encryption of private keys, users can rest assured that their Bitcoins are safe.

Do something with your Bitcoins

If you’re itching to do something with your Bitcoin investment, bitcoin games are a fantastic way to spend your free time. It only takes a few minutes to deposit, and you can start interacting with people right away! The market for gaming is huge. Since Bitcoin is growing, the user base will grow too. Players can even invest their BTC into the website’s bankroll and become the house! The investors get a small edge over the players. It’s a great way to earn interest on your BTC.

Who can participate?

Most countries will be able to play Bitcoin games. However, the United States has been a grey area for online gambling sites. Regulations are strict, so US players will probably not be able to join.

People from other countries are free to join in the fun! There are a lot of Bitcoin users worldwide who are interested in games. It’s a perfect fit for everyone!


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