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BitConnect Promoter Craig Grant Allegedly has 309 Bitcoin in a Gemini Wallet


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The entire BitConnect drama is far from over. One of its biggest YouTube advertisers, known as Craig Grant, is apparently sitting on over 300 Bitcoin. It is possible most of this is direct revenue from promoting this notorious Ponzi Scheme. This funds apparently resides in a Gemini wallet address as of right now.

Anyone who kept an eye on BitConnect knows the Ponzi Scheme has collapsed. Thousands of gullible people lost money in the process. Some of them are starting a crusade against the people promoting this scam on YouTube. One of these individuals goes by the name of Craig Grant. Whether or not that is his real name, remains unknown at this time. He certainly posted a lot of videos hyping up BitConnect as a way to attract more investors.

Craig Grant Made Some Dumb Moves

During one of the videos, one of his Bitcoin addresses has been exposed. It also shows hehe transferred money to a Gemini account at some point. So far, the original address seems to have received a total of 309 Bitcoin throughout the past few months. All of that money has been moved to a few different accounts and probably cash out in exchange for fiat currency. At this time, 309 BTC would be worth well over $3m.

This seems to confirm Craig Grant has no clue how the blockchain works. Tracing these transactions is not exactly difficult and doesn’t require specific software either. Making such information public during a YouTube video is asking for trouble if you attempt to hide something. Grant is also indicted as part of several ongoing lawsuits against the BitConnect Ponzi Scheme.

For the time being, it remains to be seen what will happen next. Tracing the money will not be easy whatsoever. At the same time, it is unclear how many of these transactions can effectively be linked to Craig Grant. The ongoing lawsuits will need to deal with that type of information accordingly. It is evident earning a lot of money using illicit methods can be lucrative. Getting away with it without leaving a trace, is something else entirely.

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