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Coinomi Fully Integrates Bitcoin Gold but no one can use it Right now


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Bitcoin Gold has been an interesting concept so far. After launching nearly two weeks ago, virtually no one has any BTG these days. Coinomi finalized their integration for this new airdrop last night. It is still impossible to claim one’s BTG balance since the main net isn’t operational yet. It is evident there are still a lot of things that need to be sorted out for this altcoin. The big question is whether or not enough people still care about it.

There are still a lot of unknown factors when it comes to Bitcoin Gold. This “fork” has been “launched” a while ago. However, there is still no main net for people to connect to. Nor is the implementation of this currency complete on most platforms. Coinomi is one of the first to do so. It is a bit odd to think of it, though, as there is no network to connect to. Users will be able to claim their coins once this issue is resolved. No one knows when that will be.

Coinomi Integrates Something That Doesn’t Exist yet

Even the Bitcoin Gold website doesn’t mention the mainnet deployment right now. The testnet should be live by now, although it remains to be seen if that is the case. By this time, a lot of people stopped caring about BTG already. This launch has been a proverbial clusterfuck, to say the very least. Until things change, making valid BTG transactions will remain impossible as well. It is a very tense situation, albeit one that isn’t evolving all that much.

Coinomi users don’t have to undertake any special action. This update will roll out automatically. It is a good idea to install the latest wallet update, though. In most cases, this software updates automatically, depending on user settings. In the top left menu, there will be a BitcoinGold option. An interesting addition, although the usefulness of this altcoin remains a big mystery.

It is evident a lot of service providers still have to integrate BTG. That is, assuming they will bother doing so. With no main net nearly two weeks after the official ‘launch” things aren’t looking professional. Then again, few people expected anything else at this rate. The B2X coins may become available before people see their Bitcoin Gold balance. A very interesting situation, although an unprofessional one as well. Bitcoin will remain king for the foreseeable future, that much seems evident right now.

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