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Craig Wright Teams Up With Wanted Criminal Calvin Ayre For Blockchain Patent Venture


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It has been a while since we last heard from Craig Wright, an infamous Australian computer scientist claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto. Although it became painfully obvious Wright can’t be Satoshi Nakamoto and was just seeking attention, he is now trying a different tactic. Together with Calvin Ayre, Wright is now looking to patent bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Another Blockchain Patent War Is Looming

It is evident Craig Wright will not give up his journey to harm bitcoin in the long run. Claiming he is Satoshi Nakamoto was outrageous and a sign of bad taste, especially when considering he quickly bailed out the day before providing his “irrefutable evidence”. However, he somehow got the attention of fugitive online gambling entrepreneurs Calvin Ayre. Both men are now in league with one another to patent bitcoin and blockchain technology in yet another desperate grab for attention.

Both men are destined to change the future of bitcoin and blockchain with their new patent filing. Although Wright and his colleagues have filed patents for over 70 different blockchain applications in the UK, they want to hoard more patents. While it is evident the patent filings seem to indicate Wright knows all too well how bitcoin and the blockchain work, that in itself does not make him Satoshi Nakamoto all of a sudden either.

With industries and entrepreneurs paying close attention to blockchain technology right now, it is not surprising to learn people want to patent the technology. Especially in the financial sector, distributed ledgers can make a big impact  Moreover, this technology defies authorities and centralized parties, as no one can take control over a blockchain by any means. To be more specific, no one can control the bitcoin blockchain, which makes it immune from patent claims as well.

Ayre feels there is a bright future ahead for bitcoin and online gambling. Wright has been involved in online gambling ventures as well, by the look of things. It is not entirely unfeasible to think Bitcoin was created in such a way it would eventually become an ally for online gambling platform operators. Then again, this does not make Craig Wright the creator of bitcoin, as he still remains an individual looking to ride bitcoin’s coattails to his 15 minutes of fame.

Seeing the self-proclaimed bitcoin creator in league with a fugitive criminal wanted for money laundering and running an illegal gambling business does not lend any credibility to whatever it is Wright wants to achieve. It is evident he has set his sights on bitcoin, although his ulterior motives remain unclear for the being. Lodging a wide range of blockchain-related patents is one thing, yet people have to keep in mind it is possible none of these projects will use bitcoin’s blockchain. In most cases, private blockchain technology will be used, which aims to mimic what bitcoin does without decentralization.

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