Head-to-head, blockchain-based challenges come to Dota 2 with the FirstBlood dApp that allows players to wager 1ST tokens.

It’s fascinating when two new technologies come together. The rise of eSports has been nothing short of phenomenal, and one of the most popular titles is Dota 2. Over the course of the last 8 years, this online game has generated a total prize pool of $170,167,090 from 989 tournaments. Now the world of eSports and blockchain technology are colliding with the FirstBlood dApp.

Monetizing Dota 2 with the Ethereum Blockchain

Blockchain technology has a lot to offer multiple industries. Shipping, finance, healthcare, and real estate are all looking to take advantage of distributed ledger technology. However, eSports is also a tremendous fit for blockchain.

The FirstBlood dApp add an extra dimension to Dota 2 gameplay. This dApp allows players to engage in head-to-head challenges, via single combat, with the winner getting a prize pool of 1ST tokens.

The setup for FirstBlood is pretty simple. Players need an Ethereum account, the FirstBlood dApp, a Steam username, and some 1ST tokens. A player can set up a challenge and wager a number of 1ST tokens. The challenge is set up on the dApp, and MetaMask will then pop up 3 times: the first time creates the smart contract, the second approves the contract to move the tokens, and the third instance moves the 1ST tokens.

Once another player accepts a challenge and antes up their tokens, another player (the Host) starts the Dota 2 game lobby. A fourth player (the Witness) is randomly selected to watch the match and report the result. If a match is disputed, another player (the Juror) is randomly chosen to go over the account submitted by the Witness and determine if the result stands or not. The winner receives 90% of the 1ST tokens wagered, with the remainder being split between the Host, Witness, and Juror (if used).

Adding Another Dimension to eSports

The beta version of FirstBlood only allows gamers to play Dota 2 in single-player mode. However, the developers are looking to expand options to include multiplayer and team mode. The dApp is also planning on adding additional games to its roster.


Personally, FirstBlood is a great concept. It allows everyday gamers to put some cryptocurrency on the line and see if they can back up their swagger with their gameplay. Only a tiny handful of players can go pro, but now normal gamers can earn some extra cash by taking on challenges.

In a way, this reminds me of the early days of Magic: The Gathering. Back then, players played for an ante, which was a random card from your deck. I always hoped to find someone with a Black Lotus that popped up as their ante, but no such luck. You can view matches on the FirstBlood Twitch page.

What do you think about tokenizing eSports? Let us know in the comments below.

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