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Gaming dApps Pave the Road to Mainstream Ethereum Adoption, Experts Claim


An intriguing correlation between gaming and cryptocurrency has become over the years. Loom Network members are convinced this opportunity needs to be explored further. The rise in popularity of Ethereum-based gaming dApps shows there is a huge market waiting to be tapped. Mass adoption of Ethereum may very well hinge on these gamified applications.

Gaming dApps are the Future

The Ethereum ecosystem provides a technology stack for developers to explore. Using blockchain technology and smart contracts will usher in the era of dApps. These distributed – and mainly autonomous – applications leverage the best of Ethereum’s technology and address real-world issues. Dozens of such applications already operate on top of the ETH network at this time.

One particular trend among dApps is which offerings are more popular. So far, it seems the applications embracing gaming play an increasing role of importance in this regard. Projects such CryptoKitties have shown how powerful the underpinning technology is. At the same time, it is not a dApp addressing a particular “need’ in the real world. Instead, it combines blockchain technology with gaming in a rather unique way.

Several clones of this project have emerged over the months. According to blockchain ecosystem Loom network, that is a good thing. Its members are convinced dApp developers need to emphasize the gaming aspect even further. Doing so will pave the way for greater Ethereum adoption in the future. Millions of people like to play games of all kinds. For Ethereum, it may be the next frontier waiting to be tackled.


Addressing Key Hurdles in Stages

There is another good reason why gaming-oriented dApps may be the future. Most of the other distributed applications are very difficult to use. Additionally, the lack of so-called “killer apps” ensures Ethereum is not gaining too much mainstream traction as of yet. It also explains why so few dApps succeed in maintaining a user base in the three-digit range.

The lack of user adoption is not just native to Ethereum. All projects offering dApp capabilities suffer from the same problems. Inconvenient UX design and the lack of really useful apps result in very small ecosystems. It is not unlikely other blockchain projects will see an increase in adoption by focusing on gaming in the future. A game doesn’t need to be revolutionary, as it only needs to provide users with entertainment.

A lot of work needs to be done before dApps can gain mainstream traction. An initial focus on gaming can unlock new opportunities along the way. As these blockchain networks attract more users, new ideas will be discussed on a regular basis. In the long run, those discussions will ultimately lead to the killer apps. All it takes is just one core dApp to change the landscape for good.

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