The cryptocurrency ecosystem is mainly dominated by males. That is on par with how the financial industry works in general. However, women are showing an increasing interest in this new form of money, which is a more than welcome change.

Males Dominate Cryptocurrency

Financial affairs are part of a multi-century stigma when it comes to men and women. It is widely assumed men control a household’s finances at all times. In reality, that situation is often very different. However, some bastions of male dominance remain even in 2018. The financial sector is mainly made up of males. As such, the same applies to the cryptocurrency ecosystem in general.

To this date, 91% of cryptocurrency owners are male. This is a general number which is different from country to country. Recent research shows how women in India show an increasing appetite for cryptocurrency investing. This helps shift the balance of power slightly, although no major disruption has occurred yet. Slowly but surely, more and more females are getting involved in cryptocurrency on a global scale.

One big misconception is how women offer “no value” to the cryptocurrency industry. That is anything but the case. Any industry can benefit from gender diversity, and cryptocurrency is no exception. Shanah Walton, also known as Bitcoin Bombshell, aims to show Bitcoin is not necessarily nerdy or techy for those seeking to enter the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Getting more women excited about this new industry will remain an ongoing challenge.

More and more women are getting into cryptocurrency.

Women Show an Appetite for Risk

Women are gathering on their own to forge a path into the cryptocurrency community, such as a weekly meet-up that has begun taking place in New York City. This group mainly aims to bring more women into cryptocurrency and investing. Ventures like these seem to attract a lot of interest even at this early stage. Similar to males, women also see merit in the various cryptocurrencies on the market today. Pixbae partner Eika Mouynes shares her vision as follows:

The more and the more women that are getting into this space, the more excited they get and they understand at first that it’s easy. It’s totally doable. There’s no magic thing that is going on that it’s in difficult or more challenging for women.

Cryptocurrency provides a degree of financial flexibility not found anywhere else.  It is a global industry which operates on a 24/7 basis at all times. Bitcoin is accessible at any given time on any given day as long as an internet connection is present. That makes it far more appealing than stocks, bonds, and other traditional investment vehicles. Cryptocurrency doesn’t discriminate based on age, sex, beliefs, or financial inclusion. For women, it may very well be a godsend in terms of financial freedom, especially mothers as they can do some trading once the children are put to bed or some other quiet moment.

Why do you think the cryptocurrency ecosystem has been dominated by males for so long? Let us know in the comments below.

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