Things are advancing at an accelerated pace for the Creditbit project as of late. All of the team’s hard work is starting to pay off, resulting in a tenfold token price increase. Moreover, Charlie Shrem has taken a keen interest in the project, as he met with the Creditbit CEO last week. Things are firing on all cylinders for the Creditbit project, that much is certain.

It is impossible to deny the success Creditbit has had over the past few weeks.Charlie Shrem and the Creditbit CEO Mladen Babic met a few days ago at a conference. A picture has surfaced on Twitter documenting this historic meeting between the two individuals. It appears Charlie Shrem has taken an interest in the project and will provide some invaluable feedback on the Creditbit whitepaper moving forward. It is good to see such a big name in the cryptocurrency world pay attention to a project that has flown under most people’s radar for the past year.

It is not hard to see why Charlie Shrem has taken an interest in the Creditbit project. First of all, there is the team’s migration to Ether tokens, a change that has been met with a lot of excitement.. Project CEO Mladen Babic feels it is the right move to switch to Ethereum, as it solves scalability issues. Moreover, the switch to this new platform will allow for the introduction of smart contract technology, creating DAOs, and ultimately the development of distributed applications.

Moreover, Creditbit CEO Mladen Babic and the rest of the team have begun migrating the coins to the Ethereum platform. Things have been moving along nicely so far, and the first phase of migration is expected to be completed within the next few days.  It is also worth mentioning the minting of new CRBIT tokens will occur through a central migration account before being transferred to individual users’ Ethereum accounts.

This is another reason why the meeting between Shrem and the Creditbit CEO is of such great importance. Since Shrem will provide feedback on the project whitepaper, the team can use his expertise regarding the future of Creditbit. Moreover, it is evident Creditbit has become one of the most profitable investments in all of cryptocurrency. Charlie Shrem has a nose for investment opportunities, and it appears he is keeping a close eye on the progress made by Mladen Babic and the rest of the Creditbit team. As we mentioned in a previous article, there has been a lot of positive progress over the past few months.

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