With the price of the bitcoin sitting just under yesterday’s price by 0.1% the breaking cryptocurrency news over the last 24 hours appears to have had almost no effect on the high value cryptocurrency.

With moves of just below 2% the various other main players in the cryptocurrency market like dogecoin, litecoin, darkcoin and peercoin also appear to be seeing almost no change in their value.

There has, however, been a huge rise in value for the scotcoin, which is unofficially Scotland’s national cryptocurrency, with it seeing its capitalisation in the market jump to $160,000 or £100,000 in UK terms following a monumental increase of 35%.

With the debate heating up in the independent Scotland campaign it is likely that a poll showing the YES’s were now beating NO’s had caused the increase in the value of this altcoin.

Bitcoin integration to be introduced by PayPal

An announcement that PayPal, which is now owned by marketing giant Ebay, will now be allowing its users to use the bitcoin cryptocurrency on its payment service following almost half a day of rumours and speculation after it released a YouTube video hinting at bitcoin integration.

The news now means that bitcoin could be set to become the most mainstream cryptocurrency available on the market as well as making Ebay the biggest company to throw its lot in with the bitcoin world.

The announcement came at the TechCruch Disrupt conference which was held yesterday in San Francisco with the head of the Braintree unit at Ebay, Bill Ready advising that PayPal would be entering into the bitcoin marketplace for the first time.

Promising a sleek experience for its users Ready advised that merchants would start accepting payments using bitcoin over the next few months.

Threats made to sell the secrets in Nakamoto’s email account made by hacker

A number of news sources are now claiming that an email account belonging to Satoshi Nakamoto has been accessed by a hacker who has called himself ‘Jeffrey’

Anyone offering to pay 25 bitcoins or £7250 will be given access to Nakamoto’s private information according to the threat made by the hacker.

The email address that has been hacked is satoshin@gmx.com although there is a chance that account was not in use when it was taken over by the hacker.

Part of an email that had been sent in the early part of this year has, however, been shown to a senior administrator of a popular bitcoin forum which seems to indicate that the account had been used recently by Nakamoto.

The potential repercussions of the hacker gaining access to the email account are likely to be relatively limited and so far the only report associated with this hack is regarding a group successfully breaking into Project Bitcoin on SourceForge, although this site only contained old data which held no relevance. Any access to GitHub, the coding repository for bitcoin, from Nakamoto’s mails would be impossible as his access would have been taken away a long time ago according to sources.

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