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German Man Jorg Molt Claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto


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So, who is Satoshi Nakamoto? This is a question that has been on the minds of several cryptocurrency enthusiasts for many years, and it has proven to be the constant enigma.

Has Satoshi Nakamoto Finally Emerged?

Among the people claiming to be the mysterious creator of bitcoin is Australian tech developer Craig Wright, though his claims have often been frowned upon or dismissed by analysts and the public. Recently, Wright was sued by the brother of one of his deceased BTC developers who claimed that Wright was trying to get away with not paying out the man’s bitcoin inheritance.

Wright lost the case, which means that he was ordered to pay billions in bitcoin fees to the plaintiff in question. Billions he may – or may not – have depending on the validity of his past statements.

Now, a new form has taken shape through Jorg Molt, who could potentially be the famed co-creator of the world’s now number one cryptocurrency. As a guest speaker at this year’s Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies in Pune, India, Molt was introduced as the “co-founder” of bitcoin, which obviously caused a lot of people to question whether that meant Molt was really Satoshi Nakamoto.

Additional evidence has surfaced supporting such a claim. Apparently, Molt owns as many as 250,000 bitcoin units, which would make him a crypto billionaire considering bitcoin is trading above $9,300 at press time.

Naturally, not everyone is a believer that Molt is who he claims. Block Tower chief information officer Air Paul stated on Twitter that the Institute hosted a “scammer,” while another man named Kenneth Bosak shared a video of himself on Twitter confronting Molt at World Crypto Con and claiming that Molt wasn’t who he claimed to be.

Furthermore, Molt has often claimed to be associated with Andreas Antonopoulos – the famed author of “The Internet of Money – though Antonopoulos denies these claims. The author explains:

Apparently, a German person called ‘Jorg Molt’ has been showing a selfie taken with me and telling people that we are friends. This is a LIE. I don’t know him at all. I have heard from others that he claims to be the founder of bitcoin and has thousands of BTC. A LIE.

Who Would Do This to Themselves?

If the claims are not true, one must wonder why anybody would ever claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto. Don’t they know by now that their claims are always going to be attacked by a host of crypto enthusiasts? That everything they say will be met with skepticism and that very few people will take them seriously? Negative publicity is not necessarily better than no publicity.

Mort was allegedly born in 1972 and was in the German military. He was discharged in 1995 and worked as an office assistant until the year 2004.

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