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Gods Unchained Blockchain Game Starts Closed Beta Registration


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The new PvP-focused Gods Unchained blockchain game is now open for closed beta registration.

It seems that most businesses and major institutions are going crazy for blockchain technology. This innovative new technology is proving itself very adaptable to a wide array of industries, and it now appears that the world of online gaming is next.

Blockchain Game Features PvP Card-Based Action

The main game that has caught the crypto world’s fancy so far is CryptoKitties, enough so that transaction speeds on the Ethereum blockchain once slowed to a crawl. That particular game really just focused on creating (and potentially selling) new kinds of virtual cats. However, the upcoming Gods Unchained promises some fierce PvP action.

Gods Unchained is based upon the Ethereum blockchain, and all of the game’s assets are non-fungible tokens. An official trailer has been released that shows some visually pleasing UI and some smooth card-based action. The game is backed by Coinbase, and the developers have announced registration has begun for the closed beta.

Gods Unchained Registration Details

The developers have outlined the steps a person needs to become part of the closed beta for the blockchain game.

First, a player will need to create an Apollo account. This will enable the player to enter the game’s waiting list and download the game.

The second step needed for Gods Unchained registration is for the gamer to verify their email and then link their Ethereum address. Once the address is linked, players will be able to download and install the game’s launcher. After that, the player just has to wait for the developers to grant access to the closed beta.

During the closed beta, cards will be released gradually so that the community can fully test them out. It should be noted that the game is not fully optimized yet, and the developers note that it will run slow on Apple computers.

Overall, it’s great to see a blockchain game like Gods Unchained being released, albeit for just a closed beta. The gameplay shown in the trailer is just like many of the popular card-based online games that are currently running. Not to mention that crushing your online foes is more satisfying than breeding virtual cats.

Do you plan on taking part in the Gods Unchained closed beta? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Twitter/@GodsUnchained and YouTube/@Fuel Games.


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