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HTC to Launch Blockchain-Powered Smartphone This Month


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The device named Exodus from the Taiwanese consumer electronics firm will hit the markets on October 22.

Blockchain Device from HTC

The New Taipei-based consumer electronics manufacturer has confirmed that the blockchain-powered Exodus smartphone will be launched on October 22. The announcement was made on the company’s official Instagram account and reported by online publication TechRadar.

Earlier the firm had announced that the phone would be launched in Q3. The post did not reveal any details other than just a teaser video and the date of launch.

The Taiwan based company which had been facing losses due to shrinking market share in the smartphone segment had sold off part of its business to Google in 2017 for $1.1 Billion. The firm has been trying to diversify into other sectors.

According to another article published earlier in TechRadar:

The HTC Exodus is the brainchild of Phil Chen, who was the driving force behind the Vive virtual reality headset and forms the start of a major blockchain push as the company looks to return to winning ways.

The article had further elaborated:

HTC is looking to start something completely new with the Exodus, claiming that the device is the launchpad for its new native blockchain network ecosystem, with the individual Exodus devices acting as nodes for trading amongst users.

Features and Specifications

Exodus will run on the Android OS.

The smartphone is expected to come with cold storage which would support all leading cryptocurrencies. The cold wallet can be disconnected from the internet which would mean that the user’s wallet would be offline and the funds secure.

HTC has paid particular attention to security. The device will come with a unique security Social Key Recovery safeguard in case the user was to lose the phone with funds in it.

While setting up the device, users will have to select several contacts who will receive a part of the key which when combined can be used to recover the wallet.

The hardware details have not been revealed by the company yet.


Although there is no confirmed news regarding the pricing of the handset, earlier indications by the company had hinted that the cost would be comparable to the $1000 (around £600, AUD1,300) Finney.

Finney, also a blockchain powered smartphone from Sirin Labs is expected to hit the market by November.  Earlier this week Pundi X, a blockchain start-up had demonstrated the world’s first blockchain-based phone call using their proprietary XPhone handset.

As more use-cases of the technology emerge, and adoption of cryptocurrencies goes mainstream, we can expect more companies to come out with blockchain-powered devices.

Do you think blockchain-powered phones will become popular soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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