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iExec Brings the Decentralized Cloud one step Closer With First SDK


There are quite a few different projects focusing on cloud computing. Adding an element of decentralization to this business model is not easy. iExec, one of the companies active in this space, released its first SDK this week. Blockchain apps can now access a scalable and affordable off-chain computing cloud. An interesting development that will certainly open up a lot of new opportunities.

Most people know the iExec project by now. This blockchain-based decentralized cloud computing platform is of great importance. While it may not be the perfect solution, a lot of progress is being made as we speak. The first SDK will certainly shift things into a higher gear over the next few months. That is only part of the big news, though. It is important to give app developers access to this scalable and affordable off-chain computing cloud.

Major Updates for the iExec Ecosystem

To do so, the project will introduce a decentralized marketplace. On this platform, users can offer cloud resources in exchange for money. In a perfect world, iExec wants to become the Airbnb of servers. With a strong focus on automated P2P interactions, that may certainly come true in the end. It is evident this project is mainly product-oriented right now. That said, it is good to see some ICOs effectively deliver what they promised so many months ago.

iExec CEO and co-founder Gilles Fedak states:

“This first version of iExec shows that we are able to overcome several limitations from the blockchain technology. We are proud to release this product only six months after the start of the project. It opens new perspectives for decentralized businesses and new opportunities for developers and startups.”

These two bits of news have a major impact on the iExec ecosystem as a whole. Developers can overcome blockchain limitations regarding storage and computing capacities. This in itself is invaluable to a lot of developers, especially in the cryptocurrency world. Moreover, developers can earn RLC tokens by renting their apps on the blockchain. There will also be an App Store for decentralized applications in the near future. It will be interesting to see how this impacts the project as a whole.

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