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Interview: Bitcoin cryptocurrency is working says Richard Branson


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Branson Bitcoin Interview

As one one of the richest men in the world and a big investor in future technology Sir Richard Branson’s opinion carries a lot of weight with a great many industries which is why his opinion on bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency in a recent Bloomberg News interview is likely to have a big impact on how these industries view these digital currencies.

One of the big topics of discussion during the interview was Branson’s impending journey into space with commercial spaceflights on Virgin Galactic. The seats on these epic voyages will cost $250,000 and are available to buy now even though buyers will have to wait until the flights begin.

Branson has now confirmed that bitcoin will be accepted for the purchase of tickets on these flight saying that it makes sense to accept any form of legitimate currency, including bitcoins, as long as there are people out there spending them. He also advised that it was important to take payments from the like of the bitcoin cryptocurrency wherever possible before people like Elon Musk,the creator of SpaceX, PayPal and Tesla motors, begin to provide commercial space flights too.

Branson’s attitude towards bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency is one that you would expect from any businessman and especially from an entrepreneur, which is that any new revenue stream should be welcomed

With bitcoin though it goes deeper than that for Branson who loves innovative new inventions. He believes that bitcoin has huge potential for industry right now even if something else could come along in the future to take its place and as it is there now there needs to be people out there to make money from it even if some lose in the long run.

The volatility of the bitcoin was obviously a topic that was brought up as would any interview relating to cryptocurrencies in general but Branson brushed this aside saying that for a currency to make money for traders and investors alike there had to be ups and down just like real currency.

Interviews with people like Branson are more valuable to bitcoin than any marketing campaign anyone could come up with. An endorsement of the bitcoin from entrepreneurs like Branson gives it a strength and validity like nothing else as well as raising interest in the cryptocurrency from businesses and the general public alike.

With trips on Virgin Galactic drawing ever closer Branson has confirmed that the initial flights will begin in the early part of next year so with the announcement that bitcoin can now be used to pay for the ticket people planning to do so will need to start saving their bitcoins right now as the will need a lot of them.

Although Virgin Galactic is a huge blessing when it comes to raising awareness of the bitcoin this and the recent announcement that PayPal announcement to take the digital currency could just be the start for bitcoin which could now hit a mainstream audience in a big way.

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