Cryptocurrency exchanges are an integral part of the cryptocurrency industry. Competition on this front can lead to innovation and service improvements. Bittrex and are joining forces to launch a new trading platform. Surprisingly, it will only be accessible to EU clients. Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bittrex is a well-respected exchange in the cryptocurrency space. It offers dozens of trading pairs with limited access to USD trading. Their partnership with to launch a new cryptocurrency exchange is noteworthy. The fintech brand is interested in the trading of digital assets. Launching it under the company’s brand name will immediately lend credibility to this new service.

Contrary to people’s expectations, this new platform will only be accessible to clients in the European Union. For the initial rollout, that will remain the focus. Other regions will receive access to this new platform as more time progresses. Depending on regulatory requirements, access may remain somewhat limited.

Combining the best of fintech and cryptocurrency leads to new innovation. Bittrex has built up vast experience in the world of running a trading platform. mainly specializes in derivative trading and portfolio management. This new trading platform will likely receive a lot of attention from European traders and speculators.

Bittrex and have joined forces to create a new trading platform.

Finance Meets Cryptocurrency

It is not the first time the world of finance overlaps with cryptocurrency. Various financial institutions show an increased interest in cryptocurrency. This has not led to any major developments just yet. is setting the tone in this regard with its upcoming trading platform. The company is tapping into new revenue thanks to this partnership with Bittrex.

Bittrex CEO Bill Shihara is excited about this new venture. He explains his views by saying:

Blockchain technology has the potential to provide groundbreaking solutions for businesses and consumers around the world. That’s why every action we take is geared toward advancing this emerging technology, including launching this new trading platform with partnership will increase customers’ access to some of the world’s most innovative blockchain projects and further drive adoption of this revolutionary technology.

For, it will be a brand new and unexplored market. A strategic step toward a new era of commodity trading has been taken. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay and tapping into this market at an early stage gives a competitive edge. From this point forward, the brand will maintain a sole focus on the cryptocurrency industry.

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