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Japanese Exchange Zaif Enables API Functionality for Regular and Futures Trading


Amidst the wave of negative news, it is good to see Asian exchanges offer something new. Zaif is one of Japan’s biggest exchanges to date. After a long wait, the company has opened its API to the public. This feature can now be used to place orders in margin transactions. It is also possible to execute futures trading through this new service. An interesting concept, as it goes to show there is a growing demand for such services in Asia.

Most people have heard of the Zaif exchange by now. The company is owned by Tech Bureau Corp and has made quite a name for itself in the industry. As their customer base continues to grow, users are demanding new features to be added over time. One of those features includes AI access for both regular and futures trading. That feature has now been enabled by the company, to much joy of the platform’s users.

Zaif Adds More API Functionality

In the Western world, it is rather common to use an exchange’s API. Most major platforms provide this functionality for quite some time now. Zaif is slightly behind the curve in this regard but they are catching up quickly. Allowing traders to do business through third-party trading solutions is a big step forward. Having both regular and futures trading accessible through the API will bring more customers to the platform as well

The BTC AirFX API provides a public and transaction AP. The futures trading aspect of the API also has similar features. Since a lot of users rely on mobile apps for trading purposes these days, it is now up to developers to integrate this new API. A lot of people would like to see Zaif added to the apps in quick succession. After all, APIs are becoming the new norm in all of cryptocurrency trading these days. It’s good to see Zaif focus on this type of feature at such a critical time in history.

Do keep in mind these new additions incur no changes to the public API which was available already. All things considered, this is a more than welcome change which will make Zaif more appealing to both domestic and international customers alike. It will be interesting to see if this change brings any more positive momentum to Zaif. After all, it is only normal Japanese exchanges see a lot more momentum these days.

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