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Jaxx Will Soon Integrate With Coinbase


The cryptocurrency wallet service Jaxx created by the Toronto-based Decentral has been introducing new features nearly every day. Just recently the company implemented the DAO’s native token to the wallets application and also presented the first multi-functioning Ethereum/Bitcoin wallet for iOS devices the week before. Now the company has just announced integration with Coinbase directly within the app itself.  

Currently, Jaxx developers are working on integrating Coinbase’s “Buy Widget” into the Jaxx user interface allowing the purchase of cryptocurrency as “convenient and painless as possible.” Decentral explains that online exchanges offer digital currency purchases for users but often there can be long waits and “friction points” along the way. This includes banking routing numbers, registration, and other tedious aspects. With Jaxx, the process will be seamless and allow users to get instant gratification by increasing their holdings within an easy to use interface. Decentral’s announcement states:

“In recognition of the fact that the space requires new, faster and more convenient ways for users to purchase cryptocurrency with cash, we’re excited to give the community a sneak peek at our planned integration of Coinbase’s “Buy Widget” directly within Jaxx.”

The designs shown for the new feature are in its initial concepts and may look different with the end concept, but Decentral claims Jaxx developers are speedily working on the integration. Decentral says that Coinbase approached the Toronto-based company in regards to adding the buy feature. Coinbase affiliates told the company they were big fans of Jaxx, so the Decentral is working out the best approach to implementation for its growing user base. Decentral explains they are all about “increased collaboration between companies in the wallet space, and this is a particularly exciting prospect for us for that reason.”

Partnering with the San Francisco-based exchange will allow Jaxx users within the United States to simply add a debit card number and purchase Bitcoin directly from the Jaxx wallet. The company has been told that Coinbase will be connecting additional coins to the buy feature in the near future. Decentral is working through the nitty-gritty of logistics and the user interface within the application such as “customizing the widget’s functions and design to match the current Jaxx aesthetic.” Alongside this, the firm is also researching purchase options for international users.

Decentral looks forward to working with Coinbase and Shapeshift.io to allow anyone the ability to purchase Bitcoin easier and more fluidly. The integration with Coinbase will require a registrant’s name, email address, and debit card information but Decentral says all of this data is funneled through Coinbase’s end. Information is never stored by Jaxx and the business states they are committed to not holding funds or user information with the Jaxx application. Decentral wants everyone to use the wallet service and hopes to be the premiere portal for anyone’s digital currency needs.

Source: Decentral

Images: Decentral

Jamie Redman
Jamie Redman
Jamie Redman is a financial tech journalist from Florida thats been entrenched in the cryptocurrency community since 2011. He has a passion for Bitcoin, open source code, and decentralized applications. Redman has written hundreds of articles about the disruptive protocols emerging today.

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