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John McAfee Unveils Ghost Coin to Mixed Reactions


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Controversial anti-virus figure John McAfee is at it again. This time, he’s gone from inventing software to inventing a new kind of cryptocurrency he’s dubbed Ghost Coin, and already the currency seems to be garnering mainstream attention from companies like Disney.

John McAfee Is Meandering Through the Crypto Space… Again

Ghost Coin is a privacy-focused coin that went live in late June of this year. The currency is designed to give all users complete anonymity. Aside from the asset itself, Ghost Coin is also at the center of a digital exchange, in which users who engage in transactions and digital money transfers can do so while fully hiding their identities from third parties and prying eyes.

The currency is now available for use at vending machines inside Hong Kong’s Disneyland Park, though approximately 60 vending machines are located throughout the region. The coin is available to users thanks to its partnership with a company called ivendPay.

While the asset appears to be garnering heavy attention, it has already – in typical John McAfee fashion – struck a controversial chord with many members of the digital currency arena. The currency’s whitepaper has allegedly copied portions of the paper behind PIVX, a separate privacy coin.

While McAfee, himself, has purportedly admitted that portions of the whitepaper were lifted to potentially write the one behind Ghost Coin, other executives argue that this is not true. They instead claim that while certain elements of Ghost share similarities with PIVX, the currency was ultimately forked from the latter and improves on it.

PIVX is angry about the situation and claims that its whitepaper is copyrighted. In a statement, members of the PIVX team say:

Even if the whitepaper was open source (which it is not), you are required to credit and attribute the sources as clearly stated under the MIT license.

McAfee has stated that he is looking into potentially suing PIVX for defamation, though the company is not worried about the threat, stating that it will be nearly impossible for McAfee to hold any edge in a courtroom so long as he is in exile in Cuba.

A History of Incorrect or Failed Ideas?

McAfee has always made his presence known in the crypto industry. Things began when the former anti-virus software mogul claimed that bitcoin would potentially reach $1 million in the year 2020. Well, 2020 arrived, and there are only six months left to go before the year is out. Bitcoin is nowhere near the $1 million mark, and McAfee sought to save his reputation by claiming that the initial prediction was a big joke meant to bring BTC into the mainstream.

McAfee also announced plans last year to run for the office of President of the United States while in exile, though those plans appear to have fallen short considering the race has now been narrowed down to current president Donald Trump and Democrat contender Joe Biden.

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