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John Mohland discusses Twitch.tv and his creation dogetipbot


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The dogetipbot was one of the early innovations that has become key to the dogecoin rising beyond its humble beginnings and has prevented it from becoming an unwanted cryptocurrency that no-one wants to use.

In a similar vein to the ChangeTip service that is used by users of bitcoins there was an ever increasing call for a method of sending dogecoins over its platform. This led to the creation of the dogetipbot by Josh Mohland and David Dvorak in order to provide to same type of service that bitcoin users currently enjoy.

For the dogetipbot the early day were an uphill struggle as it desperately attempted to keep up with the ever increasing number of dogecoins being transferred back and forth. This, hovever, was fairly short-lived as both Mohland and Dvorak spent countless hours working on and improving the whole system leading to what is now an almost instantaneous transfer of dogecoins over the dogetipbot service.

Following a fair amount of success with dogetipbot on Reddit the Mohland team paid a visit to PAX Prime where they will be announcing that they are to introduce a beta version of degotipbot on the streaming online video site Twitch.tv. It is highly likely that Twitch.tv and dogecoin will be a perfect match with the combination of the dogecoin reddit followers and the zany fanbase in the Twitch.tv chat rooms.

This latest announcement comes after Twitch.tv recently confirmed that Bitcoins could now be used for transactions on their site. With the vast number of users on Twitch.tv it seems that the abilities of dogetipbot could really be put to the test.

With a number of other cryptocurrency tipping systems already in place including a Reddcoin tipping system and even Cryptiv, another tipping system for dogecoin, the latest version of dogetipbot will be the most powerful of them all but it certain isn’t the first to be used on Twitch.tv.

Mohland has also advised that the use of dogetipbot on Twitch.tv could have happened a whole lot sooner but he held back to ensure that there was a robust infrastructure in place that could handle the kind of traffic that would be thrown at it by Twitch.tv users. He went only to add that although the latest incarnation of dogetipbot was simply amazing the ultimate stress test now would be its use in Twitch chat.

An interesting twist in the planned introduction of dogetipcoin on twitch.tv was the recent acquisition of the streaming gaming service by Amazon following another rumor that an interest had also been taken by none other than Google. The acquisition, however, has not phased either Mohland or Davorak who said that working with Amazon would not be a problem and they wouldn’t have minded whichever way it had gone.

With the ever increasing popularity of the dogecoin cryptocurrency Mohland has been keen to ensure that security is at the top of his list and to this end dogetipbot keeps 97 percent of all dogecoins in cold storage. The service is also modular in design and every component is kept isolated from the other to minimise the risk of theft.

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