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Largest Crypto Mining Facility in Russia Repurposes Defunct Fertilizer Laboratory


One former fertilizer lab in Russia is being reopened as a cryptocurrency farm. It is considered to be the region’s largest crypto mining operation to date.

From Fertilizer Lab to Crypto Mining

Finding a new purpose for defunct buildings is always a challenge. Depending on the country’s stance toward specific industries, additional hurdles may become apparent. Russia is not too open-minded when it comes to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. That doesn’t mean the industry won’t thrive in that part of the world. In fact, the country’s largest cryptocurrency mining operation has only just opened its doors.

Known as Kriptoyunivers, this venture is trying to do something different. It doesn’t just focus on the cryptocurrency mining itself. Instead, the company provides services pertaining to Bitcoin mining as well. Offering the “full package” is a different take on a rather contested business model. Cryptocurrency mining can have a less-than-stellar reputation, mainly due to high electricity usage concerns.

This new Russian mining facility focuses on both Bitcoin and Litecoin. It covers 4,000 square meters in the town of Kirishi. By using the former fertilizer laboratory, new life is breathed into this building. It has remained unoccupied for two decades, despite offering a lot of potential for new companies and business models.

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Russia and Cryptocurrency Remain an Odd Couple

Despite the initial $7.4m investment by the operators, the future of mining in Russia remains unclear. It is one of the world’s leading crypto mining nations to date, but there are a lot of conflicting opinions in terms of regulation. Some government officials want to end all cryptocurrency activity in the country. Others welcome these new businesses with open arms despite the regulatory uncertainty.

With cryptocurrency regulation still being worked on, an interesting situation is created. This new mining venture shows Bitcoin can create new jobs in the country. It also allows for strategic investments to be made and defunct buildings to be repurposed. On the other side of the coin, it is one of the most unpredictable industries. Its volatile price swings are legendary and can cause problems, even for mining firms.

A lot will depend on how policymakers tackle this industry moving forward. One of the proposed laws would authorize the production of cryptocurrencies. However, the trading of these instruments remains subject to a lot of debate. It’ll be interesting to see how things shake out over the coming months.

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