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The Ledger Nano S is a very prominent cryptocurrency hardware wallet. It is capable of supporting many different currencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Over the years, various currencies have been added to this device. The latest currency is none other than Peercoin.

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts have all but forgotten about Peercoin. It is one of the older cryptocurrencies, albeit one that never gained any big traction. Despite some interesting technical aspects, PPC quickly disappeared into obscurity for some unknown reason. It still exists to this date and development of the coin is still ongoing.

Ledger Supports Peercoin

As such, it is only normal Ledger keeps tabs on this currency. Adding it to the list of supported coins on the Ledger Nano S is somewhat of a surprising development. Even so, it is only normal this long-standing coin is supported as well. Even though it’s not nearly as popular as Bitcoin or Ethereum, Peercoin shouldn’t be overlooked.

It is still too early to tell if there will be much use for PPC in this regard. Having more currencies supported by hardware wallet is a positive trend. It also shows the Ledger team is keeping tabs on which currencies users want to see supported in the long run. As of right now, it seems there are plenty of currencies still to be added in the near future.

It is possible this will spark a renewed interest in Peercoin. The currency has taken a backseat as of late, although it still has a loyal following. As such, other hardware wallet manufacturers may support it as well moving forward. Its reputation speaks volumes, despite the lack of any major developments affecting Peercoin.

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