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Ledger Updates the Nano S Firmware to Support up to 18 Apps


The cryptocurrency wallet industry is always evolving. With so many currencies to support, companies and manufacturers have to remain on their toes. Ledger has updated the firmware for the Nano S as we speak. As such, several new applications are available and more currencies are supported.

Ledger is one of the premier hardware wallet manufacturers in the cryptocurrency world. Their Nano S device is of great interest to a lot of people. Updating this wallet in terms of software is always an ongoing challenge. The latest software update adds a few changes, improvements, and support for over a dozen new applications. All of this is positive for the users and the cryptocurrency industry.

A big Update for the Ledger Nano S

Hardware wallets are immensely popular due to their security aspect. The Ledger Nano S had received some welcome security updates as of right now. One of the changes revolves around backing up the mnemonic seed. Additional optimizations have been introduced to improve the overall user experience as well. The BOLOS -Ledger OS – has received some big updates as well, which are all documented in the company’s blog post.

Most people will be interested in the new supported apps. As of right now, the Ledger Nano S supports up to 18 different applications. It will depend on which currency once uses as to which applications are available, though. With most currencies sharing the same codebase as Bitcoin, cross-compatibility is not much of a problem. This is great news for all supported currencies, as the list has grown quite a bit over the past few months.

More specifically, the Ledger wallet supports the likes of Bitcoin Gold, ZCash, Komodo, Pivx, et cetera. Monero support has still not been implemented but should occur rather soon. Combining a lot of these applications will make the hardware wallet a lot more robust for the average user. Do keep in mind 10 apps or more will result in the dashboard slowing down a bit. This is not uncommon and may be addressed in a future firmware update.

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