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Monero Support for the Ledger Hardware Wallet Inches Closer to Completion


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The Monero community has been looking forward to hardware wallet integration for some time now. A community member is currently working on a self-developed project. Furthermore, Ledger has confirmed they will add XMR support. Up until now, there was no real deadline for finalizing this integration. The developer working on it is advancing significantly. In fact, the integration may be completed sooner than people assume.

One of the few things holding Monero back in the lack of hardware wallet support. Right now, no solution exists in this regard. Integrating this complex code has proven to be rather difficult, even for the Ledger team. That being said, the developer working on this project is making some great progress. Many people expect the project to be finalized by late Q1 of 2018. Whether or not that deadline is even remotely feasible, remains to be determined, for the time being. It certainly looks as if things are moving ahead very swiftly.

Ledger’s Monero Support Nears Completion

More specifically, a new merge of the code has been submitted successfully. This means the developer’s own branch and the Ledger master branch should see some new updates very soon. The local master is still kept synchronized with the official branch every Monday. More specifically, the developer is capable of sending and receiving transactions with Monero subaddresses and main addresses. This is a major step in the right direction to bring XMR support to the Ledger.

Furthermore, a push request for a code review has been submitted to the Monero development branch as well. It is now up to the team to review the code and offer feedback. Some things may still need to be changed and updated before a release can become a reality, though. Some commands are still not supported because they crash the handler, for example. Moreover, there is no multisig support or LightWallet functionality as of right now. These may come at a later stage, though, depending on the feedback received.

All of this has the Monero community excited, for obvious reasons. The desire for a hardware wallet with XMR support is very tangible right now. A lot of people want to see this project come to fruition sooner and later. It seems the Monero developers are already contributing feedback and offering some minor fixes as we speak. The next few weeks will get rather exciting as far as this project is concerned. Having Ledger support would be very significant for the world’s only true anonymous and fungible currency.

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