The Ethereum DAO Hub is one of the most talked about cryptocurrency projects within community circles across a broad range of social media platforms. The concept has people mesmerized and enchanted about the future of decentralized autonomous organizations and corporate-like entities that act only by the will of code and with holcratic voting mechanisms for its investors. However, there is another form of DAO creation coming called Wings introduced this past May. Wings developed by the well known Crypti team is a platform that will aim to create and “mass-market” newly launched DAO’s across the globe.

Wings core developer Stas Oskin who is also the CTO at ChainLab believes that DAOs should be in the hands of the mainstream without having prior knowledge of programming and code. The Wings team aims to build a platform for the very creation of DAO’s, management of proposals, and the voting processes but in a simpler easy-to-use way. Wings also is a DAO controlled by Wings members and investors will be able to yield returns from future projects. Essentially, Wings token holders will reap gains from DAO launched via the Wings platform. Additionally, people who own the native tokens also maintain voting rights towards proposals and their management. The platform is also meant to be straightforward and easy to use like messaging apps like Telegram or Facebook. The Wings team explains:    

“Simplicity is everything! Wings platform provides a User Experience that is intuitive, without requiring knowledge of EVM coding languages such as Solidity or Serpent. Thanks to Wings, anyone with a smartphone can participate and manage DAOs. Launching new DAO proposals will require no coding whatsoever, using a simple step-by-step wizard. Following the launch, DAO creators will be able to submit new proposals and review votes and feedback anywhere and anytime from the convenience of their favorite IM apps.”

Not only does Wings have known developers within its atmosphere working on the project the platform is backed by one of Bitcoin’s largest mining operations Bitmain. The mining company had shown a keen interest in the startup said ChainLab and soon after the business injected a seed investment into the project. ChainLab founded by Stas Oskin, Boris Povod, and Sebastian Stupurac have been involved with many crypto-related projects and Wings is another extension to their portfolio. Jihan Wu, Co-Founder of Bitmain stated during the seed round investment:

“Bitmain invested because we see a great team and we look forward to seeing Wings grows into a successful platform for launching DAOs over Rootstock and Ethereum, being an accelerator for the innovation on the public blockchain.”

A working prototype has been established by the team and Wings hopes to launch its testnet within a few months. The service will be tethered to a popular messenger service and will be compatible with both Ethereum and Bitcoin (Rootstock) protocols. The startups plan is to raise more funds to carry the team’s expansion and developers through longevity. With Wings, the organization hopes to grow as big as the Ethereum DAO Hub but put the creation of DAO’s in the hands of startups, enterprise business, and entrepreneurial individuals.

Source:, Bitmain PR, and the Wings website 

Images: Wings website, Bitmain 

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