Cryptocurrency startups allow this nascent ecosystem to grow and expand. Boost VC plays an integral role in this regard. The pre-seed venture fund makes strategic investments in such startups through its accelerator program. Interested parties have one day left to sign up for the Tribe 12 class.

Boost VC Calls for Startups

Over the years, the Boost VC firm has become synonymous with blockchain and cryptocurrency. Numerous projects apply to enter its accelerator program every single time. Of those entrants, over six dozen have received an investment from Adam Draper’s firm. While not every single one can be successful, nurturing further cryptocurrency growth is critical for this industry.

For its Tribe 12 accelerator program, a final call was sent out to startups. Boost VC is looking for aspiring firms which adhere to several guidelines. Blockchain interoperability tools appear to be in high demand at this time. Regulatory arbitrage is another area the investment firm wants to help explore. Furthermore, any startup building front ends for blockchains or dApps is also more than welcome to apply.

It is worth mentioning Boost VC has a proverbial finger in many pies. Some of its successful mentored projects include EtherScan, Aragon, and MyCrypto, among others. The company is intent on keeping this streak alive as long as possible. Bitcoin’s tenth birthday is around the corner, which marks an important milestone for the entire industry.

Boost VC Calls for Startups

Taking Cryptocurrency Mainstream

One of the main problems affecting cryptocurrency is the lack of mainstream appeal. That is a problem which is not easy to overcome. Boost VC can play a key role in helping startups reach the next level to pursue mainstream adoption. Finding the missing pieces to the overall puzzle is an ongoing process at this time.

While the firm is looking for “specific” projects, any startup is free to apply. Every use cases will be weighed carefully before making a final decision. Taking cryptocurrency mainstream requires innovative ideas. There is no “killer app” for any project as of right now. Accelerators like these can help shape such ideas into viable real-world concepts over time.

There is a strong focus on regulatory efforts pertaining to cryptocurrencies. Accelerators such as Boost VC pay careful attention to these developments. They aid companies in ensuring their service is compliant at all times. The company’s global investment strategy resonates well with startups taking advantage of specific regions’ guidelines. That will be a key component to taking this nascent industry into the mainstream.

Do you think that Boost VC can help facilitate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency startups? Let us know in the comments below.

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