We humans love simplicity, accessibility, and convenience in all of our endeavours and the social media, payment platforms and messaging apps have been found to be useful in meeting these requirements in various ways. This has led to the creation of many apps. Just take a look at your phone and you realize a flood of apps for different purposes: one for collaborating, one for messaging your friends and family, one for making calls, sending emails, and making transactions.

The number of online transactions over mobile phones have skyrocketed, and so has the number of hours spent on social media. At the same time, users don’t want to be going back and forth on their screens, switching between social media platforms, messaging apps and payment systems. It has led to the introduction of payment platforms into messaging apps, as well as chatbots with integrated in-app purchases.

Housing more than 300 million users on its platform, Kik is a Canada-based chatbot that allows bots to be built on its platform. Since its inception, the platform has seen the introduction of huge number of chatbots, as high as 20,000, surpassing even Facebook.

The iMessage platform from Apple, introduced as a replacement for its own iChat has taken the steps to create chatbots that have payment integrations to ensure that users do more than just messaging.

In China,  a large number of individuals and businesses use the WeChat platform to send and receive messages, as well as make payments and host advertisements, especially for the business class. The system has been able to build and integrate chatbots to specifically serve the Chinese market, and has risen to become the largest and most widely used chat platform in the country.

The usefulness of chatbots are limitless:

  • They facilitate peer-to-peer payment without leaving one’s chat platform.
  • They give businesses the opportunity to launch advertisements directly into a chat app, and thus help them reach customers directly.
  • The monetization of chatbots have also given enough revenue to many businesses and a way for these chatbot development platforms to cash in on their technologies.

With such attractive possibilities offered by these chatbots, it is safe to say that they are here to stay. If you are interested in further exploring their endless capabilities, try Telex AI which is designed to change the way cryptocurrency sector works. More information about Telex AI is available at http://telexai.com/

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