Penguin Random House Group’s Australian branch just but up this listing for a new eBook on, you guessed it, our old pal Bitcoin. It’s description is as follows:

In May 2013, China’s main state-run broadcaster aired a documentary about a little known virtual currency called Bitcoin. Over the next six months, the value of Bitcoin rocketed as Chinese money poured in. Unfortunately for many latecomers, the rapid rise in Bitcoin’s price and popularity also attracted government scrutiny, causing an unforeseen and catastrophic plummet in value. In this China Special, finance industry expert Zennon Kapron investigates this mysterious digital currency and the far-reaching implications of its use in China and around the world. ” 

The book is also listed as a paperback, but currently listed as out of stock.

Zennon-KapronZennon Kapron is the author of the book, and the founder of Kapronasia,  a finance and technology market research and consulting firm focusing on Asian markets. This seems to be his first book, but he has been cited in numerous publications and articles. You can find an interview with him from a July 10th piece on the Wall Street Journal website here.

His reasons for writing the book are about as expected, as there was a simple lack of sources writing from inside the Asian empire that is China about what was a highly talked about subject. He also mentions that a lot of industry leads, such as the CEO of BTC China Bobby Lee, were very bullish on Bitcoin, despite the heavy hand of the Chinese government that was constantly casting a shadow on their actions. Ultimately he attributes Bitcoin’s stifling in China to its very quick success in the area. A flame that burns as bright as Bitcoin in China did is bound to attract some attention, and that’s just what it did. Unfortunately, much of that attention was from regulators, who were swift to act.

Zennon ultimately brings a unique perspective to the table, being one that is deep inside a machine often not heard from outside their own borders.

The book was released on August 25th, 2014, and can be purchased via Penguin’s site above, or from any major eBook seller.

Featured Image courtesy of the Wall Street Journal
apron image courtesy of Battle of the Quants

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