Numerous different cryptocurrencies exist for no specific purpose. The team behind PlusOneCoin, on the other hand, has a simple yet noteworthy vision and use case in mind. Their new currency lets users upvote content on ADVFN and InvestorsHub. In a way, it will serve as a reward for users who access the content on either platform.

The PlusOneCoin Project

With several thousand cryptocurrencies on the market, adding one more wouldn’t necessarily make a difference. Unless that currency serves a specific purpose, it will not gain real traction. PlusOneCoin aims to be different in this regard. Its creators target two specific financial information platforms specifically. Both ADVFN and Investorshub are quite popular among their respective community members.

Getting more users to interact with this content, has always been challenging. Financial data is often read and absorbed before users move on to the next topic. This is where PlusOneCoin comes into the picture. It lets users reward others who share their ideas and vision. In the long run, this will lead to a “more empowered community”, according to its creators.

PlusOneCoin can be valuable to content providers and platform owners. Monetizing social media sites is one option to pursue. Secondly, it empowers the audience to affect the content they are consuming. Attributing a native currency to a media site remains a curiosity first and foremost. Publishers have explored numerous ways to monetize content to date. Cryptocurrencies do not play a big role just yet.

The Concept Makes Initial Sense

There is some initial merit to the PlusOneCoin idea. In the cryptocurrency world, social media plays an integral role. A lot of content is created and shared on a daily basis. In a lot of cases, creators do not get anything in return for their efforts. A currency like this can help address that situation moving forward.

At the same time, a concept somewhat similar to this one already exists. Steemit is a platform where content creators can be rewarded by other users. It uses the native STEEM currency to achieve that goal. It is also a currency which has not been integrated into other platforms. That alone might give PlusOneCoin a competitive edge to bring this concept to the masses.

Bridging the gap between social media and cryptocurrency will remain an ongoing process. PlusOneCoin may introduce some positive changes in this regard, assuming there is enough interest in this concept. Ideas like these confirm the cryptocurrency industry is still growing and evolving. If more platforms adopt PLUS1, the project can effectively transform the way content is monetized.

What is your opinion on the PlusOneCoin project? Do you think a specific purpose will help it gain attention and support? Let us know in the comments.

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