Richard Ravenhawke is a world renowned psychic and has very recently taken the decision to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Richard has clients from all around the world including Canada and China. He told in a recent interview with Victoria van Eyk from Bitcoin Magazine:

“I have clients all around the world, all across Canada, and in China… the Chinese just love me,”

In fact 40% of Ravenhawke’s clients are international, so therefore the use of Bitcoins as a form of payment for these customers would ease the many frustrations of the current and more traditional routes of payment. When you use ‘normal’ modes of payment such as PayPal, payment can take anywhere up to five days before your bank account is cleared. Therefore Bitcoin payments are a serious consideration, for any business, as they can help the business to continue running smoothly and efficiently. This is because Bitcoin payments can save you time, can save you money and is ultimately convenient.

Ravenhawke is probably fairly unusual, in that he is a psychic who is willing to accept Bitcoin payments, however many businesses and entrepreneurs are now making this step into the digital currency world.

Ravenhawke seriously considered using Bitcoin as a form of payment and further added:

“I see [bitcoin] as the new revenue stream of the future. It’s young right now, but who knows. Maybe my son will be Prime Minister one day, but he’s still in grade 5. That’s how I see bitcoin. It’s still young; the potential is there.”

Society is without a doubt becoming more high tech, and over time more and more of our money will become digital. Indeed Sir Richard Branson echoed the validity of Bitcoin payments in an interview with Live Bitcoin News. He states that Bitcoins have a huge role to play in our industry in these current economic times.

For you to be able to pay with Bitcoins though, you do need a Bitcoin wallet, one of which is Coinbase, a cloud based wallet, which will allow you to make purchases with your Bitcoins while on the move. These mobile wallets are fairly easy to access and many can now be downloaded as apps onto your smartphone. There are of course also Desktop Bitcoin wallets, so that you can pay for services, such as Ravenhawke’s, with Bitcoins, from the comfort of your own home.

Ravenhawke believes that it will be very interesting to see where the future of Bitcoins and Bitcoin payments take us, the future regarding Bitcoins seems to be very promising indeed.



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