The smartphone applications market is flooded with hundreds of messaging applications. Some of the well-known being WhatsApp, Line, WeChat and Telegram. These social messaging applications are being so extensively used that there are not many takers for conventional carrier based short messaging services (SMS). They are not just confined to facilitating message exchange between two parties, they have proven to be effective tools for advertising and fundraising (Fundraising through Line). Now that these applications have proven what they can do, the same can be used to promote awareness and usage of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency also.

Not everyone in the world knows about Bitcoin, but almost every smartphone user knows how to use a messaging application. SendChat is taking advantage of this factor for introducing bitcoin to the masses through their messaging app. SendChat is a chat application built over the well-known Telegram platform. Apart from sending messages to those saved on the phonebook, SendChat also allows people to send bitcoin to those in the address book.

The company combines digital currency and messaging application to offer a mainstream communication application in the form of SendChat. SendChat allows its users to send and receive digital currency over the application. The platform currently supports over 30 different fiat currencies, with an option for people to buy any digital currency through the platform itself.

In order to ensure that it offers highly secure channel for both communication and digital currency transfer, SendChat has recently partnered with BlockTrail. With this partnership, SendChat will have access to BlockTrail’s multi-signature technology and Bitcoin API. This will help SendChat offer secure bitcoin payment and transfer services to its users. With BlockTrail services, users can create multiple bitcoin addresses using a single master-key. BlockTrail will also create backups of users’ digital currency information. SendChat provides messaging and digital currency services on a single easy-to-use platform, where anyone can use these services, regardless of whether they are familiar with digital currency or not. It is time to see whether SendChat will be able to convince people to replace it with their current favourite messaging app.

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