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Survey Confirms US College Students Flocking to Bitcoin and Blockchain


Determining the future of Bitcoin and altcoins is very difficult. A lot of things can happen over the coming years. A new survey by Coinbase and Qriously shows students continue to flock to this booming industry. Such developments can give the cryptocurrency ecosystem a healthy boost over the coming years.

Students Have High Hopes for Bitcoin

The current cryptocurrency sentiment among US students is a lot more positive than first assumed. A recent study, courtesy of Qriously and Coinbase, shows US students remain high on Bitcoin and altcoins. Survey results indicate nearly one in five US students own or have owned at least one type of cryptocurrency. This is a positive outcome, albeit a rather surprising one. Cryptocurrencies remain speculative and volatile in nature first and foremost.

Compared to other demographics, US students behave in a very different manner. A lot of adults remain on the fence about Bitcoin and altcoins. This is primarily due to market uncertainty and the lack of overall cryptocurrency regulation in the United States. With Bitcoin adoption on the rise among students, an interesting situation is created in the process.

Another positive development comes in the form of university course offerings. Over 20 of the world’s leading universities now offer at least one course on cryptocurrency or blockchain. This will further increase interest in these concepts among students all over the world. As the financial sector continues to undergo some big changes, both cryptocurrency and blockchain have their role to play in this regard.

Looking Toward the Future

Despite the overall positive tone of the survey, there is one big drawback. These results reinforce one of the bigger stigmas affecting Bitcoin for several years now. The world’s leading cryptocurrency is often considered to be a tool “only for young people”. With US students showing a growing interest in cryptocurrency, that trend only becomes more apparent.

That does not mean cryptocurrencies aren’t gaining traction among other demographics. Overall interest in Bitcoin and altcoins continues to rise. Consumers, investors, speculators, and corporations are all exploring new opportunities in this industry. As students lead the charge in terms of taking a risk, it remains to be seen if the rest of the US follows their lead by example.

A growing interest in cryptocurrency classes is a positive sign. It also shows there is a growing need for more educational efforts in general. The diverse interest in this industry is a very bullish signal for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a whole. It brings the ecosystem one step closer to achieving mass adoption. There is still a long way to go until one can call Bitcoin a global currency.

Do you think that college students will continue to be a prominent segment of cryptocurrency and blockchain proponents? Let us know in the comments below.

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