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Synereo Renames QRator to WildSpark, Beta Access Signup Open


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Rebrands are quite common in the world of cryptocurrency, as they often indicate companies have reached a specific milestone. Synereo recently unveiled its QRator product, which was well-received by the community. QRator is now rebranded to WildSpark, and beta access for this product is coming up soon. This is great news for people who have been keeping a close eye on the Synero project as a whole.

It is rather interesting to see QRator being renamed to WildSpark. Then again, the rebrand will allow users to sign up for beta access to this platform moving forward. This beta is expected to launch on June 30th, which means time is of the essence. WildSpark will be the first publicly accessible product making use of the AMP currency. This is great news for content creators looking for new monetization efforts.

WildSpark Will Put AMP On The Map Soon

Synereo aims to tackle the attention economy and build new layers atop of existing platforms. Users will be able to reward content creators by sending AMP through WildSpark. As more AMP is being used to upvote content, things will finally start to fall into place for the Synereo project. As users invest AMP in the content they like, curators will receive a unique link they can. More users sharing the link means content gets amplified further, and the curator gets a share of the contributions.

Synereo is the first company to tackle the attention economy in a big way. Building fair tools and solutions for content creators remains the number one objective. WildSpark will allow for direct compensation for value creation, while also promoting the benefits of using digital currency. Moreover, this solution can be integrated into existing platforms, without being exclusively tied to one of them.This latter aspect is quite important, to say the least.

The Alpha version of QRator has been available for private testing for quite some time now. Anyone interested in being part of the attention economy can sign up for WildSpark as of today. The beta version goes live on June 30th, and will be accessible by anyone who signed up. It is important to note WildSpark is not designed to become a competitor for content hosting by any means. The goal of this project is to monetize existing content, regardless of where it is being hosted.

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