As we mentioned in a previous article this week, Synereo has unveiled their WildSpark platform. It is the first blockchain-based tool for the attention economy. Although WildSpark is still only in beta right now, it is open to the public. Users will be given access to this platform as more time progresses. This new platform is also a great tool to promote the use of the AMP currency.

Tackling the attention economy is not an easy feat under any circumstance. Right now, monetizing content is quite difficult. None of the existing methods seem to be even capable of providing an attractive solution right now. Content creators can’t be rewarded directly either due to restrictions for sending money worldwide. Synereo has been working on a solution to counter all of these problems. WildSpark will be the accelerator for the attention economy to really thrive and hit its stride.

WildSpark Signups Are Now Open

WildSpark is also the first publicly available platform making use of AMP. This new digital currency will solve issues associated with the monetization issues for content creators all over the world.  Being able to send money to creators directly is a major breakthrough, to say the least. Moreover, this solution will provide a solution regardless of which platform the content is hosted on. Integrating traditional solutions with existing platforms has proven to be quite difficult.

As the content is Amplified through AMP, unique links are generated to share with the rest of the world. Others can then further Amplify said content, which will earn the initial user some rewards.  It is a very unique system that will change the way we create and consume online content altogether. Platform-agnostic solutions such as WildSpark can become quite popular, to say the least.

It will be interesting to see how this platform will affect the AMP value. Synereo’s tokens have been in circulation for quite some time now. However, the value of these tokens has been quite low for quite some time now. Now that there is an actual demand for AMP, things may come to change very quickly. It will be a great solution for content creators as well. All of their fans can earn rewards from sharing content they enjoy. WildSpark will transition into open beta over the coming weeks.

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