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The Poly Network Has Gotten All Its Money Back


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The strange and crazy circumstances surrounding the recent hacking of the Poly Network have reached an odd, yet definitive conclusion.

The Poly Network Is Rich Again!

Not long ago, the Poly Network – which hosts several blockchains including those of Ethereum, Binance and of course, Poly – stated that it was the victim of a hack that saw more than $610 million in digital funds practically vanish overnight. The company halted all withdrawals and deposits and said in a statement that it was working to discover who was behind the attack.

Soon after, the company published various hacker-owned addresses on Twitter and other social media platforms and warned its constituents that the thief was potentially looking to move all the money he (or she) had stolen. It asked these fellow companies to halt the transfer of any ill-gotten funds should it notice transfers occurring.

Later, a Q&A session occurred that allegedly featured the participation of the hacker. The person identified himself and claimed to be the one responsible for the attack. They claimed that they were not in it for the money, but that they had simply engaged in the activity “for fun.” From there, the hacker mentioned that they had discovered a bug in the Poly Network and were simply looking to take advantage as a means of showing Poly what it needed to fix.

From there, the cyberthief was quick to return more than half the funds, again claiming that they were not interested in money. In a strange twist, executives of the Poly Network announced that if the rest of the money was returned, they would not press charges against the hacker. In fact, they wanted to offer him a job.

Granted the rest of the money was given back, the person responsible for the event would be hired as the company’s new chief security adviser. They would even be given a $500,000 sign-on bonus if the money was returned. From there, the hacker said he was not interested in the money, but that he would potentially donate it to a firm of his choosing.

Since that time, all the money has been returned, resulting in one of the strangest hacking events to ever occur within the confines of the cryptocurrency space. The firm announced in a statement:

At this point, all the user assets that were transferred during the incident have been fully recovered.

The Hacker Makes His (or Her) Exit

The hacker was also quick to put his two cents in, saying he gave the money back simply because he was “quitting the show.” In a separate statement, the hacker explained:

My actions, which may be considered weird, are my efforts to contribute to the security of the Poly project in my personal style. The consensus was reached in a painful and obscure way, but it works.

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