Justin Sun – the CEO of TRON – has finally gotten his $4.5 million lunch with Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett.

Justin Sun and Warren Buffett: Together At Last

Sun made a lot of people angry last year when he seemingly “overhyped” the event with one of the world’s leading billionaires. Sun announced that he had won the event on social media, and that he was going to work hard to ensure that Warren Buffett became a sudden bitcoin believer. Buffett, as we all know, has never been a big bitcoin or cryptocurrency fan, stating in the past that bitcoin was a fraud and even claiming it to be no better than a “button on his shirt.”

Despite several posts about it, Sun was never able to take advantage of his win in 2019 thanks to kidney stones and health-related problems. In addition, several Chinese media sources suggested that Sun’s finances were being investigated. Even though the event was scheduled for last July, it took many months to come to fruition.

This led to numerous accusations that Sun was overmarketing the event ahead of time, something that Sun quickly apologized for. In a statement last July, he explained:

I deeply regret my excessive marketing and overhyping behavior and I would like to express my sincere apology to the public, the media, and the leaders and regulators who care about me. All [my behaviors] will be based on national interests, industry interests and public interests. [I] will abandon the selfishness, actively rectify and abide by the law, export more positive energy for the development of the blockchain industry, do more in-depth thinking, and become a better social role model for youth.

His apology didn’t fly with everyone, and figures like John McAfee – the controversial software and antivirus king who now calls Cuba his home following problems with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – quickly took to social media to bash the TRON executive even further.

Now that the lunch has finally happened, the environment appears to have changed somewhat and become more positive. Sun took to Twitter to express his excitement, writing:

Amazing dinner with Warren Buffett finally… Thx for your support and advice on how to take TRON to the next level. Loved our talk on bitcoin, Tesla and TRON! Glad to support GLIDEsf as well! C U at BRK2020 and our reunion meal in 2030!

A Show of Friendship

Several gifts were exchanged between the two moguls, with Sun handing Buffett a phone that contained one whole bitcoin to get the Berkshire Hathaway CEO started on his crypto journey. Sun commented that this likely caused bitcoin to spike by a full 16 percent and that he “hopes it goes to the moon.”

He also gifted Warren a bronze horse given that both men were born in the year of the horse (1930 and 1990, respectively).

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