Bringing Bitcoin to the masses remains a monumental task. Interest in the world’s leading cryptocurrency is on the rise, though. Especially now that the price is going up significantly, things are looking rather promising. Tickmill, a UK-based OTC exchange, has now ventured into the Bitcoin world. This is yet another mainstream trading platform focusing on cryptocurrencies during this critical moment in time.

It is quite interesting to see Tickmill focus on Bitcoin. The company is best known for their OTC exchange operations. Especially their contract for difference derivative trading has been widely appreciated by the masses. Moreover, they allow for margin trading related to precious metals without owning shares proper. It is a remarkable platform and one of the emerging players in the European fintech sector.

Tickmill Joins the Bitcoin Party

With Tickmill now adding Bitcoin functionality to their platform, things will get pretty interesting. The addition of Bitcoin support mainly stems forth from customer demand. Investors all over the world are looking for exposure to cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the company focuses on cross-platform support. Their entire platform uses MetaTrader4 to provide a seamless experience regarding of device used.

It is certainly true the global financial ecosystem is threatened by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Providing access to this cryptocurrency to retail and institutional investors is certainly a big step in the right direction. None of the customers hold Bitcoin directly, but they can speculate on the price regardless. It makes for a potent combination which we have seen other platforms embrace as well. Forex brokerage houses are paying very close attention to Bitcoin, which is only to be expected.

As one would expect, Tickmill provides exposure to cryptocurrency through CFDs. Moreover, the feature will be available 24/7, as the Bitcoin markets never close. There is a lot of volatility in the market right now, though, which means clients will have plenty of opportunities to deal with. Not all of these opportunities will yield profits, though, that much is certain. It will be interesting to see how TickMill clients respond to this new addition. For now, the move is met with a lot of careful optimism.

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