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Countries that love Bitcoin

· January 2, 2017 · 4:53 pm
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Many people assume countries that love Bitcoin are rare. Some fans of crypto-currency are under the impression that there is going to be tension between them and the large organizations that use more old-fashioned currency. However, people can spend their BTC earnings in many countries successfully today, and there is no reason to believe that things haven’t changed since 2009. Having a Bitcoin wallet is crucial in today’s modern tech world. People are used to living in a globalized society. Currency should be globalized too. There are lots of countries today that love Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Wallet: Surprisingly Popular in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has a growing Bitcoin cryptocurrency user base.

The Netherlands has a growing Bitcoin cryptocurrency user base.

This is a country that might be a contender for one of the most Bitcoin-friendly countries in the world. This is a country where people could literally pay for gas, medical care, and transportation using Bitcoin wallet currency, which is certainly not a privilege that people are going to be able to enjoy in even some of the other countries that love Bitcoin. Bitcoin merchants are plentiful in the Netherlands, particularly in the city of Arnhem. There are Bitcoin conferences, Bitcoin meet-ups, Bitcoin events, and nearly everything else related to Bitcoin in the Netherlands. People can really find a lot of like-minded people in the Netherlands when it comes to crypt-currency like Bitcoin, which will not be regulated there.

BTC in the United States

Although regulations for Bitcoin exchanges in the United States exists, a lot of startups are based here.

Although regulations for Bitcoin exchanges in the United States exists, a lot of startups are based here.

A lot of people are surprised to hear that the United States has jumped on the Bitcoin bandwagon, but this is certainly a society that has an eye for emerging trends. There are more crypto-currency users in the United States than there are anywhere else in the world. Bitcoin trading volumes are extensive in the United States. In certain parts of this vast country, such as Silicon Valley, there are even Bitcoin ATM’s. People who travel to the United States from other countries may be surprised at the Bitcoin wallet friendliness that they will be able to find there.

Cryptocurrency Ethereum in Canada

Many of the trends associated with the United States are also going to be associated with its neighbor to the North, Canada. Canada is ahead of the United States when it comes to some tech trends, such as online gambling. However, when it comes to Bitcoin and Ethereum, both of these countries are prospering. Canada is a good place for cryptocurrency investors, since there are lots of Bitcoin ATM’s and startups in Canada. Don’t forget, Vitalik Buterin created Ethereum and is from Canada. Vancouver and Toronto are great areas for digital currency users in particular. The crypto-currency community is thriving in Canada, and there are all sorts of different Bitcoin conferences being held in Toronto and other areas. The acceptance of Bitcoin merchants and Ethereum wallet users are on the rise as well.

South Korea

South Korea is one of the technology capitals of the world. Mobile device penetration has been potent and powerful there, and lots of South Koreans choose to make mobile payments. This is very much an environment where something like Bitcoin would flourish, and this has already been happening there. Investing in Bitcoin is common in South Korea and lots of people are using it casually over the course of currency exchange. There are no laws in South Korea regarding Bitcoin use. Seoul holds Bitcoin conferences, and it looks like South Korea might be a pioneer when it comes to creating a society where a lot of people are going to have BTC packages of their own.


Australia is a world leader in online gambling, and people should be able to pay for some of their online gambling adventures using their Bitcoin wallet features. Double taxation on Bitcoin used to be a thing in Australia, but that has changed recently. Bitcoin itself is still unregulated in Australia. There are lots of Bitcoin exchanges all throughout Australia. The volume of Local Bitcoins has been on the rise for some time. Australia has always been a country that prioritized freedom, and the freedom associated with a Bitcoin wallet is going to appeal to a lot of the people of Australia.


The Scandinavian countries sometimes get stereotyped as being hostile to crypto-currency, but in fact, they are actually leaders when it comes to the development of a society that treats crypto-currency as normal. In spite of the fact that Finland is not exactly a hugely populated area, this is a country that has a lot of Bitcoin ATM devices. This is a country where some of the most expensive Bitcoin purchases have taken place, and it is clear that this is a trend that is on the rise there. Finland is certainly a great area for the people who are interested in making Bitcoin part of their lives, and not just as an investment. Sweden and Denmark are also very friendly to Bitcoin currency in a very real way, and this should make it easier for the people who plan to live in these areas. Norway isn’t quite on the level of Sweden, Denmark, or Finland, but Scandinavia is doing a good job of adapting to this new world overall. It’s a good area for a Bitcoin wallet.

The United Kingdom

There are going to be plenty of Bitcoin startups and Bitcoin ATM’s in the United Kingdom, which is one of the biggest financial hubs in the world and which certainly has a lot to offer the people who are interested in becoming part of a Bitcoin community. People are starting to buy coffee with BTC and Ethereum. The United Kingdom is actually taking the long view when it comes to Bitcoin, which is impressive and which is fitting for a society with so much history behind it. They are aware of the fact that Bitcoin and crypto-currency are going to become part of the new global society and they are aware of the fact that this is a currency that is going to become important in the context of every day transactions. They are trying to get ahead of the curve, and it seems that this is the case for them. A Bitcoin wallet can be good for United Kingdom visitors and residents, and it will be useful within their borders.

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