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John McAfee Offers Phone Based on Ghost Coin Tech


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Controversial anti-virus mogul John McAfee is releasing his new Ghost Cell Phone Data Service in line with his recently released Ghost Coin.

John McAfee to Release Privacy-Centered Phone

Like the currency, the phone plan is established with untraceable technology, meaning anyone who uses it cannot be tracked. They will allegedly remain completely anonymous, and their private data will not be vulnerable to outside parties or prying eyes. The phone features a 4G data service and will launch this coming September.

It looks like John McAfee is all about being untraceable. The software founder now calls Cuba his home after leaving the United States. He is currently wanted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for reportedly refusing to pay income tax over the past eight years. He has also previously announced plans to run for president of the United States, though he has remained in exile throughout.

Last June, McAfee released his new Ghost Coin cryptocurrency that could potentially hide transaction data from third parties. Anybody who agreed to use the currency would not require outside persons to help regulate or confirm those transactions, and their activity would remain completely private.

The currency has already garnered the attention of major corporations like Disney. The entertainment enterprise now allows users to get their fingers on Ghost Coin at assorted vending machines throughout its amusement park in Hong Kong. The city also bears several kiosks and crypto ATMs throughout that make Ghost Coin available for individuals.

However, the currency has also sparked controversy due its whitepaper, which contains portions – according to McAfee – that were copied from PIVX, a separate privacy-centered coin that executives claim is not open source, meaning whatever information was taken and copied from the paper was done so illegally.

The thing that allegedly makes the phone secure and anonymous for users is that it does not require a SIM card for network connection. These cards are what typically make users’ activity traceable by government bodies and outside entities, though this phone will potentially not need one to operate.

How to Remain Anonymous

At the time of writing, the phone is slated to be data-only, though it will provide voice over IP (VOIP) support and additional IP-based communication. To use the phone’s data network, users must scan a QR code that will be made available to them upon purchase. They will also gain access to an iOS or Android app that can provide them with additional protection and data privacy.

An individual interested in the service will not be required to sign any contracts, nor will they be required to provide any personal information during the initial sign-up stages. They will also have access to more than 2,000 IP addresses from over 50 separate countries to make it appear as though they are connected from that selected location.

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