It seems as if there is a new “incident” involving Bitcoin Cash virtually every other week. The introduction of CashAddr has been well received by the community. A new address format to distinguish between BCH and BTC helps avoid a lot of confusion. Not everyone sees it that way, for some reason. According to a Trezor developer, there will be no CashAddr support. The code would break compatibility with existing systems, apparently.

In a perfect world, all hardware wallets support the new Bitcoin Cash address format. It is a perfect solution for a lingering problem affecting this altcoin. Many people are confused by the initial address implementation. It is almost identical to Bitcoin, which will only make things unnecessarily confusing for novice users. With CashAddr in place, all of these concerns are a thing of the past. Or they would be if all hardware wallet manufacturers implemented this positive code change.

No CashAddr Support by Trezor

Trezor has no intention of doing so as of right now. One of their developers confirmed CashAddr breaks most of the existing systems. As such, it makes this less impressive for merchants and users. Moreover, the developer claims how the lead developer of Bitcoin Cash ignores feedback from industry experts in this regard. Not necessarily a popular statement, for obvious reasons.

This “non-standard” solution for Bitcoin Cash will remain a problem for Trezor. It is evident they want to ensure a working product. The way they go about things, however, isn’t exactly appreciated by the BCH community. A lot of Bitcoin Cash users rely on Trezor for their hardware wallet needs. The lack of CahsAddr support is a big problem, for many different reasons. It is evident this discussion is far from over at this point.

Whether or not this situation will change, remains uncertain. The way things look now, it seems doubtful Trezor will implement this update in the future. It may cost them users in the long run. At the same time, if it breaks their existing ode, not implementing it is a better option. They could also release a nightly build of the firmware, including this change which users can install on their own responsibility. It will be interesting to see how this situation evolves.

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