Litecoin users will be pleased to hear Trezor has updated their hardware wallet. More specifically, the software side of things has been updated recently. As a result, Trezor now supports SegWit Litecoin. This is a major development for the alternative cryptocurrency, as the good news keeps rolling in. SatoshiLabs had been working on this software update for some time now.

It is always good to see hardware wallet manufacturers release software updates. Especially if that update reflects a monumental change for one of its supported currencies. Enabling SegWit Litecoin support is a smart move by SatoshiLabs, to say the least. The introduction of SegWit has done wonders for the alternative cryptocurrency ecosystem so far. Moreover, it is only a matter of time until Litecoin gets its version of the Lightning Network.

Litecoin SegWit Support now Available to Trezor Users

It also appears this Trezor software update addresses some other issues Litecoin users had. More specifically, some users experienced minor issues when loading different accounts with large amounts of transactions. It is evident the software side of things is incredibly important for hardware wallets. Rest assured the Litecoin community will be quite pleased with this change moving forward.

Even though this beta software update was released nearly three weeks ago, very few people paid attention to it. Enabling SegWit support for the Trezor wallet is a major change, as it allows all wallet users to fully benefit from the changes introduced by SegWit. This includes the transaction malleability fix, for instance, which is quite significant. Users can still access their legacy wallet accounts as well, though.

In the end, it is good to see SatoshiLabs pay attention to these changes on the Litecoin network. A lot of users want to take advantage of what SegWit has to offer. Doing so requires the software side of hardware wallets to be updated accordingly. Now that this update is finally available to all users, things will get quite interesting for Trezor users. Moreover, it is another notch in the belt for Litecoin, as the currency is cementing its legacy in the world of cryptocurrency as we speak.

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