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Meme Coins Dogwifhat (WIF) And PEPE Crash As Investors Move To More Quality On DTX Presale


The ongoing market pullback has caused the prices of top meme coins to plunge. After the price dump, DogWifHat (WIF) and PEPE have lost investors to more profitable tokens. 

Meanwhile, the DTX Exchange (DTX) public presale enjoys significant demand as new investors find it a haven of profits amidst the general market weakness.

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DogWifHat Leads Top Meme Coins In Price Plunge As Crypto Market Crashes 

DogWifHat led the recovery of top altcoins after the last market crash in April. It posted impressive price gains in May, increasing demand, market capitalization, and popularity. However, WIF posted a significant price dump after the June crypto crash

The price of DogWifHat fell from $3.57 to $1.89 in June. Additionally, WIF’s market capitalization lost over $1 billion as demand declined. While DogWifHat’s price crash is attributable to the ongoing market correction, profit-taking is also a factor after a 3,630% price surge from $0.13 on its launch date in late 2023 to its $4.85 ATH reached at the end of March 2024. 

Market sentiment for WIF is currently bearish, with its price in a downtrend, tracking the crashing market. Technical analysis indicators show DogWifHat is trading in a bearish triangle with a bearish crossover pattern, indicating it will continue on the downtrend. Moreover, a top analyst foresees WIF remaining bearish in the medium term but expects a price increase before it continues its bearish trend. 

Crypto price prediction forecasts WIF stagnating between $2 and $3 by the end of the year. 

PEPE Falls As Top Altcoins Hit By Crypto Crash

PEPE meme coin price has suffered a massive drop following a market reversal caused by the fall of Bitcoin’s price. In June, it tumbled 40% from $0.000015 to $0.000009, exacerbated by seller capitalization and the market crash. 

With this significant drop, PEPE holders show disillusionment as they release their tokens to invest in other tokens with higher profit potential, such as DTX Exchange. Further, a PEPE whale sold over 1 trillion tokens, leading to subdued demand and bleak prospects for a quick PEPE recovery. Additionally, increasing derivative liquidations and a fall in open interest demand indicate a bearish market sentiment for PEPE. 

Technical analysis shows its RSI at 38 and is likely to fall into the oversold zone. With little bullish demand, PEPE price projections indicate a probable fall to $0.000008 by Q3 before it recovers. 

DTX Exchange Offers A Profitable Alternative To Popular Falling Top Meme Coins

When meme coins were doing well in May, many crypto investors bought massive holdings in search of profits. With a recent crypto crash, investors in top meme coins are dumping them for profit and risk management as their prices plummet. Subsequently, meme coin investors are investing in DTX Exchange, a presale token with immense profit potential. 

DTX delivers a unique concept to the decentralized finance sector, introducing new investors to unconventional investing. DTX Exchange lists cryptocurrencies and 120,000 financial instruments and assets, including bonds, commodities, forex exchange, and securities. Furthermore, DTX enables users to buy these assets on-chain and manage their portfolios without asset managers and brokers. 

Recognizing the impact DTX Exchange may have on the crypto market and its profit potential, expert investors are buying DTX in its ongoing public presale. It has surprised crypto enthusiasts with the significant investor demand and interest it is attracting. Furthermore, its giveaway with gifts worth over $1 million also plays a big role in popularizing it and attracting new investors. 

WIF and PEPE Investors Are Choosing DTX For This Reason

Despite the market crash, DTX Exchange has maintained its upward trajectory to the promised public presale end. So far, it just concluded its initial presale stage, with a 100% price increase as WIF and PEPE prices fell. 

Further, with Stage 2 raising over $700,000 in one week, investors are confident that DTX will deliver and surpass its 500% ROI and surpass the expected $0.12 once it goes live on major exchanges. 

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