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Polygon (MATIC) And FLOKI Investors Hit By Big Losses; Can They Make It All Back On New DTX Presale?


Crypto investors have a range of coins to invest in at any time. Recent market movements have caused shrinkage in investor portfolios as momentum for a continued price increase fell, leading to a massive drop in Polygon (MATIC) and FLOKI prices. 

To rebuild their net worth, they are looking to a new market entrant, DTX Exchange (DTX), a presale token promising high ROI to save them. Here’s why.


Polygon Crypto Crash Pushing Holders To Other Tokens

MATIC continues to display signs of a crypto crash, with its price falling with each trading cycle. Polygon’s price fell 11.43% from $0.70 to $0.62 in June due to falling investor demand, as seen in the 8% drop in inflows in the futures market in the same period. As a result, holders are in the market for alternative tokens with higher profit potential. DTX Exchange, a new DeFi crypto, is the most prominent choice. 

Despite the price drop, Polygon has seen a 200% YTD increase in active addresses on its network. However, due to its weak fundamentals, MATIC may not escape its downtrend.

Technical analysis shows MATIC trading at weak support, implying that the price may fall further. Moreover, Polygon’s RSI at 36 is southbound, with more room before it reaches the oversold zone, indicating a bearish market sentiment. Crypto price predictions show MATIC may fall to $0.5 by the end of the year if it continues in the same trajectory. 

FLOKI Crypto Holders Running Away Due To Dismal Performance

FLOKI crypto, a top meme coin, is seeing a massive investor dump as its price activity disappoints holders. FLOKI, a top 5 meme coin, experienced massive uptake and growth after its price jumped in May. However, it faces significant selling pressure in June due to profit-taking. 

FLOKI’s price fell from $0.00032 to $0.00020 in the second week of June. A price drop below a significant support level pushed investors to dump FLOKI for alternative tokens. With low market demand, FLOKI continued on the downtrend. 

With a bearish market sentiment for FLOKI, price analysis indicates it may fall further. Technical analysis shows its RSI at 46, falling below the neutral level and remaining southbound, indicating that FLOKI is struggling against selling pressure. Price predictions show it may fall to $0.00012 if it maintains its current trajectory. 

With FLOKI declining, its holders are dumping it for DTX to recover their losses. 

DTX Exchange Experiences Massive Demand As Prominent Tokens Slump

DTX’s unique offerings, features, and massive profit potential have captured investor attention. As a result, crypto enthusiasts are dumping their loss-making holdings in MATIC and FLOKI to buy DTX Exchange for its promised gains at the end of the public presale. 

The hybrid platform in the vibrant DeFi vertical of the crypto market introduces decentralization for mainstream financial products such as securities, bonds, commodities, and 120,000 other products. Moreover, it offers 24/7 trading with high liquidity, privacy, and security backed by a blockchain foundation and a 1000x leverage for maximum profitability.  

While its features are impressive, crypto enthusiasts leaving their positions in losing tokens are interested in the 500% ROI it promises presale buyers. As a result, its public presale has seen speedy uptake, causing Stage 1 to end speedily and an implosion of demand in the current Stage 2. 

Why You Should Follow MATIC and FLOKI Holders In Buying DTX

With its current presale Stage 2 attracting over $700,000 in a flash, holders are convinced DTX Exchange will deliver on its promise. Buying DTX now at $0.04 assures investors of a 200% price increase when the presale ends and the token reaches $0.12, its expected crypto exchange listing price. 

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